Vehicle crime by type
Offence type Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
Theft from 70
Criminal Damage 68
Theft of 28
Interfering with 4
Other 2
Total 172
Crime by manufacturer
Manufacturer Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
Alfa Romeo 101
Audi 113
BMW 145
Chevrolet 103
Chrysler 135
Citroen 172
Daewoo 156
Daihatsu 127
FIAT 184
Ford 164
Honda 146
Hyundai 93
Isuzu 136
Jaguar 67
Jeep 107
Kia 104
Land Rover 145
LDV 224
Lexus 91
Mazda 96
Mercedes-Benz 222
MG 87
MINI 109
Mitsubishi 209
Morris 36
Nissan 137
Peugeot 165
Porsche 86
Proton 171
Renault 140
Rover 102
SEAT 120
Skoda 103
smart 111
Subaru 104
Suzuki 195
Toyota 118
Vauxhall 164
Volkswagen 136
Volvo 126

Car Crime Census: Insight and Analysis

Where did we get our data from, and how did we break it down and come up with a way to present it?
A graphical representation highlighting trends in our Car Crime Census.
How do police decide what kind of car crime has been committed based on the evidence available?
What do you do if your car is stolen or broken into? Read our guide to help you if you're a victim of...
We list the best ways to keep your car safe and to prevent it being targeted by thieves.
We explain what this data means and the trends that it demonstrates.

Crime Figures For Vans And Commercial Vehicles

Police Van

As well as crime figures for cars and police forces, we also have stats for vans. With so many vans broken into and thefts from pick-ups, it makes for interesting reading.

Click here for more.

Car Crime Census: Top 10s

We’ve crunched the numbers from our car crime census and come up with the ten worst cities in the UK...
Criminals tend not to break into these cars to take goods.
Here's a low down of those not-quite-classic cars that are easy targets for criminals.
These are the most stolen luxury and prestige models. Most are probably ‘stolen to order’ and shipped...
This list runs through the ten cars with the highest rate of criminal damage recorded against them.
Most UK police cars are pretty mundane - but occasionally forces use something unusual, whether for publicity...
These are the cars thieves tend to avoid stealing, whether because of advanced security or because they're...
If you don’t want thieves to take your pride and joy then, according to our Crime Census, these are the...
Is one of these car crime hotspots near you?
We list the cars that are most likely to be broken into.
These are vehicles with a very low rate of criminal damage, whether caused by wanton vandalism or otherwise....
Some manufacturers seem to attract criminals more than others. Which makes are they and why are they...
We list the to most popular cars to be stolen by thieves by offence rate per 10,000 cars
Crime by postcode district

Best postcodes

Postcode District Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
PL18 3
SA66 4
PO35 4
EX21 5
SY21 5
SA42 6
SA64 7
LL60 8
CA20 8
SA63 8

Worst postcodes

Postcode District Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
M2 3180
L1 2193
BD1 2137
B4 1800
LS2 1738
M1 1651
M4 1536
S1 1492
LS3 1245
EC2 1228

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