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Cheshire Constabulary

Neighbouring two of the worst cities for car crime - Liverpool and Manchester – Cheshire has a below average rate of 115 offences per 10,000 registered vehicles.

The worst affected areas are Warrington and Ellesmere Port, with 217 and 185 incidents per 10,000 cars taking place between 2011-2012. Although Ellesmere Port has a relatively low number of registered cars, its crime rate is inflated by the thousands of vehicles parked in its industrial district. Ellesmere Port is also home to the Vauxhall car factory, which again stores thousands of vehicles. Criminal damage represents half of all reported crimes, while car thefts account for just eight per cent of all offences.

Mitsubishi, Land Rover and Vauxhall are the makes of car that are most targeted by criminals, while the safest vehicles are Honda and Jaguar, with 68 and 69 reported crimes per 10,000 cars. The safest district in Cheshire is CW3, with just 17 comparable crimes.

Cheshire Police recently launched a campaign to target car crime in its worst areas, with a new initiative designed to work alongside local neighbourhoods and businesses. The scheme will be introduced in Warrington first, with more police patrols and improved CCTV.

Sergeant Gordon Jack of Cheshire Constabulary said: “We are committed to tackling vehicle crime in Warrington.

“As part of a proactive operation to tackle the issue officers have been visiting businesses in the area and giving them valuable security advice. They have been urged to pass this advice onto their customers. Businesses have also been asked to display signs in their car parks − an area traditionally targeted by thieves.

“Customers are warned not to leave any valuable items on display inside their vehicles whilst they are unattended. They have also been warned not to put valuable items in the boot of their car when they get to their destination. This is something they should be doing at the start of their journey − thieves have been known to watch people as they park up and put valuable items in the boot for safekeeping. They then target the vehicle stealing the items from inside.”

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Crime map
Crimes by type
Offence type Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
Criminal Damage 57
Theft from 45
Theft of 9
Interfering with 4
Other 0
Total 115
Crimes by postcode
Postcode District Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
WA2 217
CH65 185
CH1 182
WA1 152
WA8 134
CH2 123
WA7 106
CW1 102
CW2 100
CW12 97
SK11 97
WA5 96
WA4 92
WA3 85
WA13 79
CW7 63
ST7 59
CH4 58
SK10 58
CH66 55
SY14 53
SK9 46
SK12 45
CH3 44
CW9 42
CW8 39
WA6 38
CW5 37
CW11 37
WA16 36
CH64 35
CW6 30
CW10 30
CW4 25
CW3 17
Crimes by manufacturer
Manufacturer Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
Audi 129
BMW 106
Chevrolet 86
Citroen 114
FIAT 104
Ford 124
Honda 68
Hyundai 89
Jaguar 69
Kia 73
Land Rover 176
Lexus 95
Mazda 88
Mercedes-Benz 92
MG 70
MINI 108
Mitsubishi 180
Nissan 89
Peugeot 120
Renault 126
Rover 84
SEAT 126
Skoda 81
Suzuki 86
Toyota 74
Vauxhall 143
Volkswagen 107
Volvo 114

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