What insurance group is my car?

What insurance group a car is in can make a significant difference to how much your insurance will cost. We explain all.

  • Search car insurance group ratings by make and model
  • Useful for checking any potential car purchase
  • Insurance group ratings are from 1-50

When it comes to how much it costs to insure a car, it's insurance group is a key piece of information. Makes and models are sorted into insurance groups from 1 to 50, with 1 being the cheapest rising to 50 as the most expensive to insure.

These groups are used as one of a number of factors by car insurers to calculate how much your insurance premium will cost.

The car insurance groupings are defined using a number of factors. These include how much the car is worth new and how much it might cost to repair, including the cost of spare parts.

Also factored in are the car's performance figures, what sort of standard safety equipment the car includes, and how secure it is in the event someone tries to steal it. As a rule, the more powerful, luxurious and expensive to buy your car is, the higher its insurance group.

Search Car Insurance Groups

This tool enables you to find and compare car insurance groups for all popular models on sale in the UK. To get started, simply pick a manufacturer from the list below. 

Please note that insurance group ratings are purely advisory. They are used by many motor insurers as just one of the many input factors in calculating premiums.

As such, insurance groups can provide a useful indicator of the likely relative cost of insuring a particular vehicle. Insurers are not required to follow the advisory group ratings and the full cost of insurance will depend entirely on the age and status of the policy holder.