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Mercedes -Benz -C-Class -Saloon

Before you step into a showroom, read our expansive guide to all the new cars coming in the next 12 months and beyond – some are well worth the wait.

Alfa Romeo Tonale – early-2022

Alfa -Romeo -Tonale

Alfa Romeo – a maker of sleek, slick handling saloons – used to turn its nose up to the idea of building frumpy SUVs. But then it built the Stelvio, which has sold so well another SUV was inevitable. It's called the Alfa Romeo Tonale and while it's smaller than the Stelvio, it will share its mixture of eye-catching looks, sporty drive and decent practicality. You'll also be able to have it as a PHEV.

Audi A4 – mid-2023

Audi -A4 (1)

The current Audi A4 (shown above) is a 2015 design, but a facelift in 2019 means it still looks fresh. Still, a new one is due in 2023. Expect it to have a more stylish design and a dashboard that makes the flight deck on the Starship Enterprise look primitive. Interior space will grow, and you can expect the A4 to have more than one hybrid engine option.

Audi A6 e-tron – mid-2023

Audi _A6_e _tron _concept _1

The Audi A6 e-tron electric saloon will sell in parallel with conventional petrol and diesel models of the current A6. However, it will have a sleeker design and a roomier interior packed with infotainment screens. An 800V electrical system means fast charging – up to 185 miles in 10 minutes – while front and rear motors produce a combined 476PS.

Audi Grandsphere Concept – mid-2024

Audi _grandsphere _concept _1

The electric Audi Grandsphere Concept made its debut at the 2021 Munich motor show. It previews the Audi A8 of the future. The new A8 will have acres of space in its high-tech interior, and Level 4 autonomous driving means the steering wheel can fold away when not needed. It will produce up to 720PS and have a range of more than 450 miles.

Audi Q6 e-tron – early-2023

Audi Concept Shanghai

The Audi Q6 e-tron will sit between the Q4 e-tron and flagship e-tron in Audi's electric SUV range. It'll likely have the same 100kWh battery destined for the A6 e-tron, giving it a range of nearly 450 miles. A motor on the front and rear axle give it four-wheel drive and more than 450PS to play with – not bad for a practical family car.

Audi R8 RWD Performance – late-2021

Audi _R8_Performance

The Audi R8 RWD Performance is one new Audi you don't need to wait years for – it's due out in November 2021. It's the first time you can have a rear-wheel-drive R8 with the 620PS V10 from the flagship four-wheel drive model (shown). Explosive performance and engaging handling are guaranteed.

2021_Audi _RS3_1

Audi RS3 – late-2021

The new Audi RS3 does what every RS3 before it did – gives a sensible family car supercar performance. You can have it as a saloon or a hatchback, both have a pumped body that'll make Mr Universe feel bashful. Performance comes from a 400PS five-cylinder engine driving through a four-wheel-drive system programmed to allow skids.

BMW 2 Series – late-2021

 2022_BMW_2_Series _7

The new BMW 2 Series Coupe is already on sale (although new cars won't be delivered until the end of the year). It's easy to live with but also fun to drive and you can choose from four-cylinder petrol and diesel models that are quick and cheap to run. Or go for the 374PS M240i model, which is plain rapid and has four-wheel drive.

BMW i4 – late-2022

BMW_i 4_M50

The BMW i4 is another posh saloon looking to get in on the electric car action. It combines four-door coupe looks with up to 544PS and a range of more than 365 miles. Inside, it's more conventional than EVs from Mercedes and Audi, although you still get large infotainment screens, room for four tall adults and a big boot.

BMW M2 – late-2022


The new BMW M2 is due at the end of 2022. It takes the standard 2 Series coupe and dips it in hot sauce. It gets a detuned version of the twin-turbo straight-six fitted to the new M3. Performance of 0-62mph in less than 4.5 seconds is expected, and acceleration will be so strong – hitting its 155mph speed limiter will feel more like the car's hit a stone wall.

Citroen _C5X_3

Thought big Citroens were a thing of the past? You're in for a surprise – it's called the Citroen C5 X. A coupe/estate/SUV body shape means the C5 X is as unique as you would expect of a large Citroen, but it also makes sense – giving it stylish looks and impressive practicality. Expect the drive to focus on comfort and there will be a plug-in hybrid model.

Dacia Spring Electric – TBC

Dacia Spring Electric

The Dacia Spring Electric EV city car isn't confirmed for UK sale but as electric car sales swell, its arrival seems more and more likely. It's designed purely for city use, with 45PS, a 140-mile range and a top speed of just 62mph. On the flip side, it will be very cheap and practical for its size. Could be the bargain EV you've been waiting for.

DS 4 – late-2021


The DS 4 gives you a French alternative to posh German hatchbacks like the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes-Benz A-Class. It features a stylish exterior and an interior that's plastered with expensive materials and large infotainment screens. It also has room for four and a big boot for its size. You can choose from petrol engines or plug-in hybrid petrol models.

2021_Ford _Fiesta

Ford Fiesta – mid-2021

The Ford Fiesta gets a new look for 2022 – most easily spotted by its badge on the centre of the grille, rather than the lip of the bonnet. Updates include a digital dashboard and a wrong-way-alert system which warns if you try to drive down the motorway the wrong way. Mild-hybrid engines are also new, while ST models get new sports seats. 

Ford Ranger – early-2022

Ford _Ranger _8 (1)

Ford has already teased pictures and info on the new Ford Ranger – the UK's most popular pick-up. It gets bulky, US-inspired looks and a new infotainment-heavy cabin, a fancy four-wheel-drive system means it will still be a workhorse, though. A reworked version of the current model's 2.0-litre diesel engine provides the power.

Honda Civic – late-2022

2022_Honda _Civic

A new Honda Civic is due in the UK by the end of 2022. It looks similar to the current model and shares its basic underpinnings. Expect to find more of a revolution on the inside where interior quality is improved and you'll find a large screen in place of the current car's dials. It will get the 1.5-litre petrol-electric hybrid engine found in the new Jazz.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 – late-2022

Hyundai _Ioniq _5

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 electric car shares its underpinnings with the Ioniq 5 (shown above) but hides them under a slinky saloon body. With no centre console and a flat floor, its interior will feel very roomy. Large infotainment screens will allow for a clean interior design. It will likely be offered as a powerful four-wheel-drive model or as a long-range two-wheel-drive. 

Kia EV6 – late-2022

Kia _EV6

The Kia EV6 is on sale now, although deliveries won't happen until next year. It's an electric SUV with sleek looks and an interior that has large infotainment screens and a flat floor that makes it feel very modern. Rear-wheel-drive versions have a 328-mile range or you can go for the four-wheel-drive GT model that gets from 0-62mph in a stonking 3.5 seconds. 

New Kia Sportage - Exterior 3 (1)

Kia Sportage – late-2021

The new Kia Sportage has already been revealed and will go on sale at the end of 2021. It gets striking looks and an interior that wouldn't look out of place in an Audi thanks to its crystal clear infotainment and high-quality plastics. It's more spacious than the current model and will be available as a plug-in hybrid, as well as with petrol and diesel engines.

2021_Mercedes _Benz _C_Class _2 (1)

Mercedes-Benz C-Class – late-2021

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class is another new car we've already seen in full – not that this makes its interior any less striking. It gets a Tesla-aping, portrait-style infotainment screen and lots of posh trimmings. It's also roomier than the current car. All engines have mild-hybrid technology, with plug-in hybrids – including the new C63 performance model – to follow.

Mercedes-Benz CLE – mid-2023

Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet (1)

The Mercedes-Benz CLE is the replacement for the current C-Class Cabriolet (shown). Inside, it will have a large infotainment screen shared with the new C-Class Saloon. It will also have space for four at a push. Its multi-layered fabric roof – which drops in seconds – will make the cabin very quiet and you can choose from a range of mild-hybrid engines.

Mercedes-Benz EQB – late-2021

Mercedes _Benz _EQB (1)

The Mercedes-Benz EQB is expected on sale later this year – as its name suggests, it is an electric version of the seven-seater GLB SUV. That means it has chunky good looks and a posh interior with blue ambient lighting to denote its EV-ness. It has a range of nearly 300 miles from its 60kWh battery, although a long-range model is in the pipeline.

Mercedes-Benz EQS – late-2021

Mercedes _Benz _EQS

The EQS is Mercedes-Benz's flagship EV, built on a different platform to its conventionally powered namesake, the S-Class. Expect it to offer extreme luxury driving, with power and refinement in equal measure. It's also positively dripping with new technology – including a vast Hyperscreen infotainment display. It has a range of 478 miles and hits 60mph in 4.3 seconds.

Mercedes-Benz SL – late-2022

2021_Mercedes _SL_7

Official pics of the new Mercedes-Benz SL in camouflage are already released and the full reveal is due before the year is out. A fabric roof – that's easier to package – means it has a curvier rear-end and the long bonnet reeks of power. Even the basic model gets a six-cylinder engine tuned to produce 400PS.

MG EV hatchback – mid-2022

 MG_Maza _Concept

MG is expected to launch an electric hatchback to take on the Renault Zoe. The as-yet-unnamed small car –(very) loosely based on the Maze concept shown – will have a competitive price tag and an interior that will swallow four adults and their luggage. It's expected to have a battery of less than 50kWh in size for a range of about 150 miles. The upside is that MG is aiming for a sub-£20,000 price tag.

Nissan _Ariya (1)

Nissan Ariya – early-2022

The Nissan Ayria is an electric SUV that's due in 2022. Available with two or four-wheel drive, it will have a range of 310 miles, and 30 minutes worth of charging puts 186 miles into the battery. Autonomous driving aids will make it very comfortable on a long journey, as will the interior's lounge-like feel and space for four.

Nissan X-Trail – mid-2002

New _Nissan _X-trail

With the new Qashqai launched earlier in 2021, it stands to reason that a new Nissan X-Trail is just around the corner. It shares many of its parts with the Qashqai – including its hybrid powertrain, which essentially uses its petrol engine as a generator for the electric motors. Expect it to be much the same as the Qashqai inside, but with room for seven people. It will look much like the Chinese variant shown here. 

2021_Peugeot _308 (1)

Peugeot 308 – mid-2021

The new Peugeot 308 is on sale now with prices starting from £24,000, although the worldwide semiconductor shortage means it may be some time until you can get your hands on one. It's based on the same underpinnings as the outgoing model, but looks sharper and has a more modern cabin. There are now two PHEV models offering up to 225PS.

Range Rover – late-2021

Range Rover _3b

Spy pics of the new Range Rover (current car shown) have been doing the rounds for yonks now, but Land Rover has remained tight-lipped on the new model. That being said, expect it to have an imposing design and an extremely luxurious interior. It'll be unstoppable offroad and likely offer more than one plug-in hybrid option, along with mild-hybrid petrols and diesels.

R5_Prototype _Renault _5_5

Renault 5 – mid-2024

While the new Renault 5 is a long way away – it's hotly anticipated. It will blend retro looks – think MINI hatch or Honda e – with an electric powertrain that will make it ideal for city use. That said, a 50kWh battery will give it an impressive 245-mile range – further than either the Mini or the Honda can manage – and you'll be able to choose from 110 and 135PS models.

Renault Megane E-tech Electric – mid-2022

Renault _Megane _E-Tech _Electric _7

You read that right – the Megane is going fully electric as of 2022. That's not all, it's morphed into an SUV-like coupe, giving it stylish looks and a spacious interior. The cabin features lots of posh materials and a big infotainment screen. Power comes from electric motors with either 130 or 218PS and it has a range of up to 292 miles.

SEAT el-Born - early-2022

SEAT-el -born

Strong sales of its Formentor SUV, means the newly born Cupra brand is keen to press ahead with its first EV – the Cupra El-Born. It shares its underpinnings with Volkswagen's ID.3, so it will have a bright and airy cabin dominated by infotainment screens. It'll have a range of up to 335 miles and performance of 0-62mph in as little as 6.5 seconds.  

2021_Skoda _Fabia _main

Skoda Fabia – mid-2021

The new Skoda Fabia went on sale in September – offering you all the things we love about a Volkswagen Polo, but with more interior space and a lower price. Along with more room, the interior gets up-to-date infotainment and is packed with neat features like pockets on the sides of the front seats. You get a choice of engines headlined by a 150PS petrol.

Toyota GR86 – early-2022

Toyota _GR_86

The Toyota GR86 replaces the GT86 but maintains many of the old car's features – namely, tail-happy handling courtesy of a standard-fit limited-slip differential. A stiffer chassis means it now handles with more precision and power rises from 200 to 235PS. An updated cabin – with better infotainment – means it will be easier to live with.

Vauxhall Astra – early-2022

 Vauxhall _Astra (2)

The new Vauxhall Astra is set to go on sale in 2022 and it's the first Astra to get the company's striking new Vizor design language. It's also the first Astra to be developed under Stellantis' ownership. Inside, you'll find interior quality has massively improved, you get big infotainment screens and room for four. You also get a choice of two PHEV petrol engines.

Volkswagen ID Life 8 (1)

Volkswagen ID.2 – mid-2025

Okay, so the Volkswagen ID.2 is so far in the future you'll need binoculars to see it, but it does give you an idea of exactly what the next five years has in store for us. It's a small electric SUV with space for a young family and a target price of less than £20,000. Why so affordable? Tiny batteries. The ID.2's 30kWh battery is good for no more than 120 miles.

Volkswagen ID.4 – mid-2021

Volkswagen ID4 (4)

The Volkswagen ID.4 is the second car VW has designed from the ground up to be electric, following in the ID.3's footsteps. It gets smooth I'm-an-EV looks on the outside and an infotainment-heavy design on the inside, where it's very spacious. It produces power of up to 204PS and has a maximum range of 322 miles.

Volkswagen ID.5 – late-2021

Volkswagen _ID.5_8

The Volkswagen ID.5 is an ID.4 in drag – it's basically the same car but with a sloping, coupe-like roof. As a result, it has similar performance, with 0-62mph taking as little as 8.5 seconds and maximum range sitting at 330 miles, aided by its more aerodynamic shape. The payoff? Slightly less rear headroom than you get in the ID.4.

Volvo C40 Recharge – mid-2021

 Volvo _C40_1

The Volvo Recharge isn't just a new car, it's a new buying experience. You can only acquire it online, either outright or via two subscription options – one of which gives you the option to change your car, free of charge, every three months (it does cost £879/month). A sleeker version of the XC40 Recharge, the C40 has a stonking 402PS and a 260-mile range.


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