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Toyota Yaris Cross At A Glance

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The Toyota Yaris Cross is a surprisingly desirable alternative to the Renault Captur and Vauxhall Crossland. It'll be very cheap to run, while it's easy to get comfortable in its ultra-functional cabin. Throw Toyota's excellent reliability record into the mix, and it's one of the most sensible small SUVs you can buy today.

+Easy and fun to drive. Hybrid power means it'll be cheap to run. Generous equipment levels.

-Not as affordable as some alternatives. Ride could be softer. Other small SUVs are more practical.

New prices start from £23,280, brokers can source from £23,888
On average it achieves 0% of the official MPG figure

Set to compete with the Nissan Juke, Ford Puma and Skoda Kamiq, the Toyota Yaris Cross is a new addition to the firm's range. It's closely related to the latest Yaris, with stylish looks and an efficient petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain. Read our full Toyota Yaris Cross review to find out if this small SUV should be on your shortlist.

It's the Toyota Yaris Cross's hybrid power which sets it apart from rivals. It combines a 1.5-litre petrol engine with an electric motor, resulting in impressive around-town refinement and incredible fuel economy. Officially, you should be able to see up to 64.2mpg from the Yaris Cross, which might be impressive enough to make you think twice about electric alternatives like the Hyundai Kona Electric.

It's easy and fun to drive, with the hybrid setup providing whizzy acceleration around town. Rivals are more suited to motorway driving, though, and the Yaris Cross's relatively firm suspension means we'd suggest treading carefully when the salesperson suggests one of the higher-spec trim levels.

Prices start from around £22,500 for the entry-level Toyota Yaris Cross Icon, but most buyers are expected to stretch to the Yaris Cross Design. This retails from around £24,000 and brings with it 17-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, interior ambient lighting and rear privacy glass.

Higher-spec models include the Excel, Dynamic and – for a limited time – the Premiere Edition. The latter two are available with four-wheel drive; not necessarily something we'd recommend unless you live somewhere particularly remote.

While the exterior of the Yaris Cross is just as stylish as the most attractive of rivals (we're looking at the Peugeot 2008 and Volkswagen T-Roc here), its interior isn't quite so fancy. It's functional, though, with everything laid out neatly and a choice of two very good infotainment displays (depending on trim level).

You sit higher up than in a Skoda Kamiq, so you feel noticeably off-the-ground compared to a standard Toyota Yaris. It's a comfortable choice – or at least, it is for front-seat passengers. The rear's a bit claustrophobic, but you'd probably be better looking for a bigger SUV anyway if you regularly carry people in the back.

Ultimately, the Toyota Yaris Cross is almost perfectly judged. There are rivals that are more affordable, while some are a little more fun to drive. But the Yaris Cross is a great small hybrid car that will be reliable and cheap to run, while its also a lot more stylish than you might expect for a Toyota.

Ask Honest John

I want to buy a petrol hybrid, what would you recommend?

"I’ve had the old shape Nissan X-Trail for 9 years which has served me well until now. I’ve had problems with the water pump etc recently and it’s costing me money. Also I’ve recently lost my husband so I don’t need the huge space. To replace I’m looking for the same narrow shape car. I’m looking at a petrol hybrid. I’d like reversing camera as it’s proved useful. I love to be high on the road, looking for heated seats and a good reliable car. Another widow recommended her Toyota C-HR. I would like your opinion please."
The Toyota C-HR is a good suggestion and would meet your criteria, we would also suggest looking at the Toyota Yaris Cross and Hyundai Kona, both of which are compact but with good space inside, the option of petrol hybrid and are available with reversing cameras.
Answered by David Ross

Should I choose the Toyota Yaris Cross or Honda HR-V?

"Looking to buy a new hybrid car, which would you recommend? The Toyota Yaris Cross or Honda HR-V?"
You can read our reviews of the Toyota Yaris Cross and Honda HR-V but of the two we would go for the Toyota, as it is a little cheaper than the Honda and has a good specification.
Answered by David Ross

Is the Toyota Yaris Cross a good buy?

"I am currently considering buying a Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid, new or near-new. Are you aware of any significant reliability issues that might influence my choice?"
Nope - excellent car and likely to be exceptionally reliable. No one does 'reliable hybrids' as well as Toyota. Stick to main dealer servicing and it'll be covered by Toyota's warranty for up to 10 years/100,000 miles, too.
Answered by Andrew Brady

My TPMS system shows a warning when the car is cold, but disappears when it is warm. Should I inflate the tyres more to avoid this?

"I have a Toyota Yaris Cross and recently the in-car tyre pressure readout keeps showing a number of tyres as being below the required pressure. However, after driving the car for a while, the tyre pressure warning light disappears indicating that, once warmed up, the tyres are indeed within the correct pressure range. Should I inflate the tyres to slightly above the recommended levels to avoid the warning light or is it best to maintain the pressures at the handbook stated levels? The problem I foresee is that, if I do have a tyre that is truly losing pressure, I may ignore it due to the initial readings. "
As you explained, tyre pressures will increase slightly once on the move as the air within them increases in temperature. We would suggest setting the pressures when the tyres are warm, as increasing the pressure to give an accurate reading when cold may mean they are overinflated when warm. However, most vehicles give tyre pressures for varying loads and speeds, so as long as your tyres are within the two extremes you should not encounter any issues.
Answered by David Ross
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What does a Toyota Yaris Cross cost?

Buy new from £23,888(list price from £24,875)