Hyundai Kona Electric (2019) Review

Hyundai Kona Electric (2019) At A Glance


+Electric version of Hyundai Kona. Two models available: 39KWh with a range of 180 miles and a 64KWh version with a 279-mile range. High specification and good value for money.

-Not the most spacious crossover.

New prices start from £29,495, brokers can source from £17,653
Insurance Groups are between 22–27

It's surprising how much swapping a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor can transform a car. While the standard Hyundai Kona is a below-par rival to the SEAT Arona and Nissan Juke, the Kona Electric is one of the most desirable electric cars on the market. So much so, Hyundai announced it'd only take orders online - and even then, it sold out.

There are two models available. It's the pricier 64kWh model that grabs the headlines with its impressive 279-mile range, but the more affordable 39kWh version can cover 180 miles - enough for most drivers.

Batteries located under the floor mean there's a reasonable amount of room inside - although, as per the standard car, the rear seats are a bit short of legroom, leaving adults sitting awkwardly with their knees above their waist.

The cabin looks pleasingly modern compared to the standard car, with buttons on the centre console to make the car go forward or backwards. Search for hard plastics and you'll find them, but it's not as offensive as a relatively affordable electric car could be.

The highlight of the Kona Electric is how it drives around town. The 64kWh model in particular is surprisingly quick off the line, accelerating forwards with little noise but the scrabble of the tyres as they struggle to find grip. Even those used to the instant torque of electric cars might be surprised by just how eager the 64kWh Kona is to accelerate.

It's a heavy car and it can't hide that entirely in the bends, but a low centre of gravity means it remains relatively composed.

By offering Tesla-rivalling electric range in a desirable crossover package for an affordable price, Hyundai has already proven it's onto a winner with the Kona Electric. It has its flaws - a small boot, for example - but it's still a massively appealing electric car.

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Why is there such a long wait for new electric cars?
"Just tried to buy a Peugeot e-2008 from my local dealer, it had done 250 miles and was their demonstrator. However, Peugeot has said they can’t sell me that particular car. There is a six to seven-month wait for a similar vehicle. Can you recommend a similar vehicle in the same price range?"
There's a lot of demand for electric vehicles at the moment so it's not surprising to hear of a long waiting list for the Peugeot e-2008. Also consider the Kia e-Niro, Hyundai Kona Electric or maybe the MG ZS Electric.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Can you recommend a reasonably priced electric car?
"I'm hoping to help my grandson buy a used EV. Most of the journeys are local, with the occasional 200-mile trip. It's easy in my Renault Zoe, but can you advise on a suitable EV nearer the cheaper end of the used market? Thanks."
I suspect this journey will be a bit of a mission in an affordable used EV. You'll struggle to get much more than 80 miles out of a 24kWh Leaf - which'll mean many stops on that long trip. Something like a Hyundai Kona Electric could work, but you're not going to get much change from around £30,000. As a compromise, would your grandson consider a plug-in hybrid? A Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will have space for all the family and he'll be able to cover local journeys under electric power, with a petrol engine on hand for those longer trips.
Answered by Andrew Brady
What's the best electric car for £35,000?
"We are contemplating going full electric with our next car. At present we have a BMW Active Tourer PHEV. My problem is that I prefer a light (ivory, beige) interiors, I really don’t like black interiors! My budget is about £35,000 max so this figure precludes Lexus or Jaguar. Range requirement would be circa 200 miles. Is there anything out there that might meet my expectations?"
Your budget is enough to get you a Tesla Model S which is quick, comfortable and practical, and grants you access to Tesla's excellent Supercharger network. Tesla also offered the Model S with the light interior you're after. If you want a newer electric car, you'll need to go smaller – we rate the Hyundai Kona EV and the BMW i3, both are available with light interior finishes.
Answered by Russell Campbell
Which electric vehicle should I buy?
"Would you go for the Tesla Model 3, Kia Soul EV or Hyundai Kona Electric? Thanks. "
All good options. If you plan on covering a lot of long journeys, the Tesla's tempting solely for access to the brilliant Supercharger network. Otherwise, we'd opt for the Soul or Kona - both come with long warranties and a strong dealer network. The Soul is a bit more practical.
Answered by Andrew Brady

What does a Hyundai Kona Electric (2019) cost?

Buy new from £17,653 (list price from £20,865)