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Set to arrive early in 2020, the new Mercedes-Benz GLB will take on the Range Rover Evoque and Volvo XC40.
Bigger boot and more technology for the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake. On sale September 2019.
Huge, hugely powerful, hugely capable and hugely expensive, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is all the car you'll ever need.
Mercedes-Benz's newest A-Class has possibly the best pound-for-pound car interior ever made. Watch Mark explain why.
Based on the A-Class, the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class features the MBUX 'Hey Mercedes' personal assistant.

Ask Honest John: Mercedes-Benz

I have a Mercedes-Benz E-Class which is three years old this June. Between my wife and, we have managed to scuff all the alloys a bit. Before I consider...
Can you please recommend a nearly new four-seat convertible (fabric or folding steel roof) that is good in terms of reliability and value for money?
My wife and I have owned a succession of four-wheel drive estate cars as we do a lot of camping and live in remote countryside. We are considering the...
I'm 75 years old and would like to buy a comfortable convertible as my last car. I'm not interested in speed but more comfort and reliability. I would...
Does the automatic transmission on the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class have the same problems that you have frequently highlighted with DSG automatics?
What would you recommend as a new car under £40k that is quiet and comfortable on the motorway?

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