Mercedes-Benz EQB Review 2024

Mercedes-Benz EQB At A Glance

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The Mercedes EQB isn't the first electric SUV on the market but it stands out thanks to its seven seats. Nothing from Audi, BMW or Jaguar can rival it. Its 250 mile range is impressive as is the quality throughout. It's also good to drive. We think it's one of the best electric SUVs on sale.

+Seven seats as standard. An impressively refined electric SUV. Strong performance and 250-mile range.

-As with most electric cars it's not cheap. The extra seats are really only for occasional use.

New prices start from £52,145

Based on the Mercedes GLB, the EQB is essentially the electric version of the brand's compact SUV. Yet while Mercedes also offers the EQA and EQC, we think the EQB makes the most sense of all. The fact it has seven seats means it stands alone in the market - aside that is from the Tesla Model X, but prices for that start at more than £100k which makes the EQB look affordable in comparison.


Of course there is the issue of price - and we can't ignore it. While electric cars may be the future, they are still very expensive. The Mercedes GLB starts from £37,000, but you'll need at least £52,000 for the electric Mercedes EQB. True, the EQB comes very well equipped with all the toys you'd want, but that's still a big step up in price. 

There are two versions, the EQB 300 and EQB 350, both using the same 66.5kWh battery with four-wheel drive and a 250-mile range. An Audi Q4 e-tron can travel further on a charge but a longer range Mercedes EQB is due later in 2022 along with a cheaper front-wheel-drive version.

The Mercedes EQB 350 is the quicker model as you'd expect, but both models feel more than rapid enough, with the usual effortless performance you get from an electric motor. For a boxy SUV, it's surprisingly good in corners, with plenty of grip and nicely weighted steering.

But its real strength is as a comfortable and practical family car. The interior quality is excellent but it's the fact the EQB comes with seven seats as standard that makes it stand out. True they're not the most spacious of seats, we'd describe them as good for 'occasional use' and even Mercedes says they're only designed for people up to 5ft4 in height - but they at least give you the option and are ideal for kids.

Up front, you get Mercedes' now trademark dash wide screen with two displays along with the excellent Mercedes MBUX infotainment system. There's lots there and at first it can be a bit overwhelming but once you're familiar with it, you'll find it easy to use. Elsewhere, the overall fit and finish inside the EQB is top notch.

And what of running costs? Well you won't have anymore visits to filling stations. You'll want a wallbox installed at home and a full charge will take around six hours and cost approximately £11. Not bad for 250 miles of driving...

We reckon the EQB is the best electric SUV in Mercedes range and its seven seats give it appeal that neither Audi, BMW, Volvo or Jaguar can match. 

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What's the best electric car with a big boot?

"I am ready to change my now 12-year-old BMW 520d Touring for a new car. I have owned my BMW from new and have been delighted with it, but my annual mileage has dropped below 10,000 miles a year following retirement. I am wondering if now is a good time to switch to an EV. I have a budget of £50,000 to spend but the replacement car must have similar boot space to my BMW 5 Series estate. The only car I have found with a comparable boot to date is the Skoda Enyaq. Any there any other EVs I should consider?"
The Skoda Enyaq iV sounds like your best option. It's a very practical electric vehicle that represents excellent value for money alongside premium competitors. As an alternative, take a look at the Hyundai Ioniq 5. It's not quite as versatile as the Enyaq, but it's quite a big car which translates into a lot of interior space. You could also look at the Mercedes EQB – although it's pricier and not as practical as the Skoda.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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