Mercedes-Benz GLE Review 2024

Mercedes-Benz GLE At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
The GLE is an appealing and desirable car in its own right. However, we do think that the best rivals offer better practicality, marginally better build quality and a more polished driving experience.

+Innovative infotainment system that looks great, appealing range of engines and really efficient PHEV version, spacious for five people and luggage.

-Not as good as a seven-seater; rivals are better, many rivals also more sophisticated to drive, build quality can’t quite match that of the best.

Insurance Groups are between 45–46

If you’ve previously owned an M-Class, ML or GLE, then the latest Mercedes GLE will feel like a real step on. It’s posher than ever before, better to drive, it has bags of luxury equipment and, like many large SUV rivals, it now offers the option of seven seats, although these should only be used occasionally rather than habitually. Where the GLE really comes into its own, though, is on it’s infotainment technology, with loads of functionality and a good operating system. Strong in a number of areas, then, but it’s still true that in quite a few of them, it still can’t quite match the very best-in-class. Read on for our full review of the Mercedes-Benz GLE.

This car has been known by quite a few different names over the years. It was originally launched in 1997 as the M-Class, and later became known as the ML, but as of 2015, Mercedes’ large luxury SUV adopted the GLE moniker. So, although this latest version is technically only the second-generation GLE, you can trace its lineage back much further than that.

Early versions were very successful, too, because back then, big, luxury SUVs were just as desirable as they are today, but they were much fewer in number. These days, however, the GLE has to compete with a vast variety of very talented rivals, so its job is much harder. The question is, does the big Merc have what it takes to compete against the likes of the Audi Q7, BMW X5, Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover Sport, and Volvo XC90?

Well one change with the latest Mercedes GLE already makes it more competitive than before. Where the previous version had only five seats in a class of cars in which seven seats was the norm, the latest GLE gives you that same option.

However, it’s also true that the space surrounding these two extra seats is rather more cramped than it is in rivals, so it's not as practical or as versatile as the best seven-seaters: the extra pair of chairs should only really be viewed as an emergency measure, rather than an everyday one.

The Mercedes GLE’s cabin is very competitive with rivals’ in other areas, though. It’s classy enough to feel at home in such well-heeled company, and luxury equipment provided as standard is just as generous. What’s more, the GLE’s sophisticated infotainment system provides some real wow-factor, with two high-definition glass-fronted screens that work well and look great.

There’s plenty of choice on engines, too, with various petrol and diesel choices that do a good job in combining prodigious power and impressive refinement with more-than-competitive economy. There’s even a plug-in hybrid variant offered that the official figures claim will do a whopping 65 miles on electric power alone.

That’s a really impressive figure, and so are the combined CO2 emissions of 23g/km and fuel consumption of 282.5mpg (although both are laboratory figures that will likely never be met in the real world).

Unfortunately, where Mercedes GLE can’t match its very best rivals is on the road. Don’t get us wrong, this is a good car to drive, with a reasonably comfortable ride and capable handling. It’s just that its best rivals do such an incredible job on that score that the Merc can’t quite measure up.

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