Mercedes-Benz B-Class Review 2024

Mercedes-Benz B-Class At A Glance

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There aren't many buyers willing to pay a premium for a small MPV like the Mercedes-Benz B-Class these days, but you do get quite a lot for your money. The B-Class is considerably more spacious than the A-Class hatchback, while equipment levels are comprehensive. It's also a very comfortable and easy car to drive.

+Relaxing car to travel in. Lots of interior space in a reasonably compact package. Excellent infotainment system.

-Styling will not appeal to everyone. Automatic in petrols can be hesitant at low speeds. No seven-seat option. Quite expensive to buy new.

On average it achieves 0% of the official MPG figure

Is the Mercedes B-Class a genuine people carrier or just a slightly bloated version of the Mercedes A-Class hatchback? We're still not sure - but that doesn't really matter, as most buyers will head straight for the SUV section of their nearest dealership when shopping for a new family car.

While the latest Mercedes B-Class isn't as versatile as traditional people carriers like the Volkswagen Touran, it does offer a little more space and a higher seating position than the A-Class. And recent updates mean it's more competitive than ever - although that isn't saying much in a class that pretty much includes it and the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

There's plenty of standard kit, including navigation, smartphone integration and the Mercedes MBUX system. This is a voice controlled infotainment assistant which responds to commands when you say 'Hey Mercedes'. Kind of like Alexa but on the move.

With a similar style to the excellent A-Class, it's not just the design that impresses but also the feel of the materials used and the quality of the finish. There's plenty of space too and it feels more roomy inside than you'd expect, making it a proper alternative to a family SUV

The B-Class certainly creates a relaxing and serene environment to travel in, with comfortable seats, little wind noise and excellent ride quality. Yet it still handles well with lots of grip, and is surprisingly keen in corners with not much in the way of body lean.  

The boot is usefully large, too, and more than big enough to cope with what a family can throw at it every day. The wide boot opening and low lip mean getting awkward things like pushchairs in the back is easy.

You don't get a huge choice of engines in the B-Class these days... it pretty much comes down to whether you want petrol or diesel power. Most buyers will be better looking at the former, which is a 1.3-litre unit badged the B200. This now has mild-hybrid electrification, although you can't currently buy the B-Class as a 'proper' (or plug-in) hybrid or as a pure-electric vehicle.

The Mercedes B-Class is quite a niche choice, although it looks smart and feels pretty special inside. We reckon the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer feels noticeably fresher, although some buyers will prefer the image (and comfort) provided by the B-Class.

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Ask Honest John

What's the best car for rough roads?

"I'm looking to replace my 2025 Volkswagen Touran. The area I live in has rough roads and this means the Touran has a tendency to be loud (road noise) and uncomfortable over potholes. Could you recommend a car with a raised driving position, as I find getting in/out of the Touran quite uncomfortable, too. I've test-driven the XC40 and found myself disappointed that it wasn't quieter than my Touran at speed on typical rough surfaces."
Have you considered a Mercedes B-Class? It's a versatile and comfortable people carrier with a classy cabin and high seating position. Look for one with small wheels (and high-profile tyres) for reduced road noise. Also look at a Volkswagen Tiguan or Citroen C5 Aircross as two spacious and comfortable SUV alternatives.
Answered by Andrew Brady

What is AdBlue and what does it do?

"I currently have a 2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class diesel and I am waiting delivery of a new B-Class 180d. I prefer Mercedes diesels to Renault petrol engines. Because I only do around 8,000 miles per year what action do I need to take keep the engine in tip-top condition? What is AdBlue and what does it do? Lastly, my current C-Class averages about 50mpg, whereas a petrol model does about 40mpg to 45mpg, so is the diesel better for the environment because it goes further on the same amount of fuel?"
A modern diesel likes regular motorway runs to keep its DPF filter in tip top condition. Our sister website published a guide on DPFs that is worth reading: Find out about AdBlue here: Petrols are considered to be better for the environment because they produce less harmful gases. More info on that, here:
Answered by Russell Campbell

Is there any reason to buy a Mercedes B-Class to replace my Vauxhall Meriva apart from badge prestige?

"I'm looking to replace a Meriva A and am looking at a Meriva B, which seems the best value to buy used. A Dacia Logan, which is slightly more expensive used, is cheaper to run. A Mercedes-Benz B-Class is more expensive to buy and run - but is there any reason to pay more for the Mercedes apart from badge prestige?"
The B-Class will have a much more premium interior and is better to drive than the Logan and Meriva. It depends whether you want value for money or something a bit more luxurious.
Answered by Andrew Brady

What's the best car for an elderly driver who needs a wheelchair?

"I have a relative who is about 70 years old and she is looking to change her car and would like some advice. She often takes her mother out who is not very mobile and obviously of mature years, therefore they take a conventional wheelchair with them. She requires a vehicle with a low loading point at the rear to put wheelchair in. The wheelchair folds together so can be laid flat, but is heavy to lift for a female, also needs quite wide passenger door for mother to get in and out. She doesn't want a van or a 4x4 (generally too high to enter) but would entertain hatchback or more probably an estate. Preferably new but might entertain used up to say £30,000. "
We recently drove the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class and think it might suit your relative well. It's got a comfortable, high-up seating position, a big boot with a low lip and a very upmarket interior. Alternatively, a more conventional estate like the Skoda Octavia might work well.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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