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With Dacia offering the new Dacia Jogger for less than £200 a month, there's hardly a more affordable way to transport your family. It's no bargain basement offering either - being comfortable, well-equipped and easy to drive.

+It's a genuine bargain. Seven seats as standard. A big boot if used as a five-seater. Frugal 1.0-litre engine plus excellent hybrid. Dacia performs well in the Honest John Satisfaction Index.

-Interior isn't as flashy as mainstream rivals. It's not particularly refined.

Insurance Groups are between 13–14

The Dacia Jogger is a versatile seven-seat family wagon that offers incredible value for money. For the price of a fairly basic Ford Fiesta, you could be driving an extremely useful estate-car-cum-people-carrier that really isn't as bleak as you might expect. There's also an excellent hybrid version.

It's the biggest car that Dacia makes, but the Dacia Jogger is actually based on the same platform as the Dacia Sandero hatchback. The question is, does it cut it as a seven-seat family car? Find out in our Dacia Jogger review.

The Dacia Jogger is similar in size to a Volkswagen Golf Estate, while its stepped roof means it feels like a spacious MPV inside. With its raised ride height, you might also consider it alongside SUV alternatives like the Skoda Karoq, too.

All Dacia Joggers sold in the UK come with seven seats as standard. The rear-most seats are only really meant for occasional use – kids will excitedly climb into the back, but we reckon adults will be a little less enthusiastic. There's not much of a boot with them in use but, fortunately, they're extremely lightweight and can be removed entirely without too much of a faff.

If, like us, you get animated about versatility, you'll also be keen on the Dacia Jogger's clever roof rails. Armed with an Allan key, you can turn these into a full-on roof rack capable of carrying up to 80kg.

Ordering a Dacia Jogger is an easy process, too. You get the choice of just three trim levels (Essential, Comfort and Extreme SE), all of which are very reasonably priced. And there are just two optional extras available: metallic paint and a spare wheel.

The small difference in monthly payments between the most affordable Dacia Jogger Essential and top-spec Dacia Jogger Extreme SE means we'd go for the latter. Standard kit on the range-topper includes 16-inch alloy wheels, heated front seats, a reversing camera and an eight-inch navigation system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The most affordable version is the petrol – a little 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. With just 109PS and 200Nm torque, it might not sound like the punchiest of units, but it's actually more than adequate for getting a shift on in the 1205kg Dacia Jogger.

The Dacia Jogger Hybrid is the other choice and it's an excellent hybrid. Using the same system as the Renault Clio E-Tech, it's smooth, quick and easy to drive.

The Jogger's pleasant enough from behind the wheel, although refinement is noticeably lacking compared to pricier mainstream alternatives. It isn't too stodgy in the corners and there's plenty of tech on hand to help reduce the risk of a collision.

Prices for the new Dacia Jogger start from just £14,995 and orders are now open. If you order one today, high demand means you might be waiting for up to six months for your new Jogger, but there are dealers who might be persuaded to part with their demonstrator models if you're not too fussed about spec.

We lived with a Jogger for three months - find out how we got on with it in our Dacia Jogger long-term test.

Ask Honest John

What car would you suggest for a young driver with a large dog?

"My daughter (20 yrs) is looking for the a larger car to replace her Peugeot 108 to suitability transport her large dog while keeping insurance low. We are considering cars like Ford Focus Estate, Ford Kuga, Peugeot 2008, Kia Sportage, Seat Leon Estate, Volkswagen Golf Estate, Volkswagen Passat, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Qashqai, Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer, Dacia Jogger. "
Of the cars you have suggested, we would recommend the Dacia Jogger, as it will likely be one of the cheapest to run as well as having a hardy interior which will stand up to regular journeys with her dog. She may also wish to consider the Skoda Octavia, which has a larger boot than the Golf and Leon estates but is a similar size.
Answered by David Ross

What cars are available with easily removable rear seats?

"What cars are available with easily removable rear seats similar to the Skoda Yeti?"
Take a look at the Dacia Jogger. It's a versatile family car with rear seats that can easily be removed to provide a van-like carrying capacity. Alternatively, we'd recommend van-based people carriers like the Citroen Berlingo.
Answered by Andrew Brady

What's a good small car that will also suit an outdoor enthuisast?

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Many people in your situation buy something like a Citroen Berlingo. A used Berlingo represents good value for money while it should also be cheap to run. There are a number of ways you can convert it into a comfortable microcamper - from a basic 'boot jump' to a more luxurious conversion. You might be able to save time and effort by finding a pre-converted example. And as they're always popular, you're unlikely to lose a lot of money if you decide it isn't for you. A Volkswagen Caddy could be a good alternative - although the VW badge does attract a price premium in the camper market. We really rated the Caddy California when we tried it: https://vans.honestjohn.co.uk/van-reviews/volkswagen/caddy-california-2021/ Alternatively, you could look at a more conventional car like the Dacia Jogger. The Jogger is a very practical (and affordable) seven-seat car. You can even order it with a Sleep Pack which adds a storage box that doubles up as a base for a mattress. It's a really clever idea that could be ideal for your needs.
Answered by Andrew Brady

What's the best seven seat MPV?

"I’ve had a Vauxhall Zafira for a long while. What is the best petrol 7-seater MPV at present please?"
There are very few seven-seat petrol MPVs on the market in 2023. A Volkswagen Touran could be a good option, with the efficient 1.5-litre petrol engine. Or maybe a van-based people carrier like the Volkswagen Caddy. Alternatively, the Dacia Jogger represents excellent value for money.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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