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The Skoda Karoq simply one of the best affordable family SUVs on sale, if not the best. Despite being a few years old now it ticks all the boxes and has very few weak points. There are more exciting-looking rivals, though, and it's a shame there's no hybrid model.

+High quality interior with a premium feel. Very practical with a large boot. Quiet and comfortable on the move. One of the best crossovers around.

-Not the most dynamic of designs. Hesitation issues with the 1.5 TSI petrol engine.

New prices start from £22,765, brokers can source from £27,550
Insurance Groups are between 10–16
On average it achieves 81% of the official MPG figure

If the Skoda Karoq looks distinctly familiar, that's no surprise given that this is the Skoda version of the SEAT Ateca. With the popular Yeti, a car loved by owners, long gone, Skoda effectively replaced it with two models - the Karoq, which we're reviewing here, and the smaller Kamiq.

Of course there's no shortage of family SUVs this size and the Skoda Karoq is competing in a very crowded market. From bold new offerings such as the Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson, to the latest, ever-popular Nissan Qashqai to the much improved Vauxhall Grandland, there's plenty of alternatives. So what makes the Skoda stand out?

Well we wouldn't say it's the most distinctive of designs. It's neat rather than daring, but Skoda does offer a Sportline model which looks the part with vRS-style sports bumpers and bigger wheels. Even so, it's one of the most conservative-looking models in its class. 

But what the Karoq does offer is plenty of space. The boot is huge at 588 litres - that's more than a BMW 5 Series Touring - and the wide opening and low load lip make it easy to load things like pushchairs in the back. You can also get a double-sided boot mat as a £50 extra, which we'd say is a sound investment.

Skoda's 'simply clever' features make the Karoq easy to live with too, the ice scraper in the fuel filler cap being one of our favourites, along with a useful hook system in the boot that means you can bags of shopping.

It's perhaps the quality and feel of the interior which makes the Karoq a level above much of the competition. You could easily stick an Audi badge on the steering wheel and it wouldn't be out of place. Even the Ateca isn't quite as nice inside despite being closely related. Again, newer rivals have glitzier technology and some posher surfaces, but the Karoq leads the pack in terms of ease of use.

Driving the Karoq is a familiar Skoda experience. And that's a big positive. It's undemanding and relaxing to drive, with a solid gearchange on manual cars and little noise on the move, even at motorway speeds. It's not especially exciting but it handles well nevertheless, with good feel from the nicely weighted steering, while the ride is very comfortable for a car of this type. 

While there's no shortage of choice if you're after a family SUV, the Karoq manages to stand out. It feels a quality vehicle, the interior is excellent and it's good to drive, too. Top models aren't cheap but the Karoq competes well with rivals like the Peugeot 3008 on price and standard specification. If you're buying a family SUV - definitely check out the Karoq before making a decision.

We lived with a Karoq Scout for six months - find out how we got on with it in our Skoda Karoq Scout long term test. Looking for a second opinion? Why not read heycar's Skoda Karoq review

Ask Honest John

Can you recommend a small SUV for towing?
"I'm looking to purchase a small/mid-sized SUV for about £20,000. We only drive about 8,000 miles per year so I'm guessing petrol but we do tow a trailer tent quite often in the summer months so it must cope with that OK. I'm looking at the BMW X1 or X2 or maybe the Audi Q3. I have not discounted going bit bigger so the Mazda CX-5, Toyota RAV4 or Ford Kuga may be options."
The low-down grunt of a diesel engine will make light work of towing your trailer tent but it's not ideal for your otherwise low mileage. I'm guessing your trailer tent isn't particularly heavy, so a punchy turbocharged petrol should be able to tow it without too much effort. Depending on its weight, a BMW X1/X2 or Audi Q2 should be up to the job and they're excellent small SUVs. How about a Volkswagen Tiguan? It's not quite as premium as a BMW or Audi, but you get more physical car for your money. Take a look at the Skoda Karoq, too, if you're not fussed about the badge on the bonnet.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Is a hybrid car a good choice for towing?
"I am thinking of changing my diesel Skoda Karoq for a hybrid petrol car - either a plug-in or self-charging. I am worried because I tow a caravan and most hybrid cars have small engines backed by an electric motor. Which would be the best to tow with the caravan weighs 1,350 kg? Would I be better sticking to the diesel?"
It probably depends on the kind of journeys you'll use the car for when you're not towing your caravan. If you cover a lot of long journeys, don't be quite so quick to ditch the diesel. A hybrid would be better for short journeys or urban use, however, and many will be more than up to the job of towing 1,350kg. Take a look at the Toyota RAV4. The AWD hybrid model has an official braked towing capacity of up to 1,650kg capacity, while the plug-in variant can tow up to 1,500kg.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Does my car's air conditioning need servicing?
"I have a two year old Skoda Karoq and done 7,000 miles. My dealer has emailed to say my air con service is due. Do I need one?"
If the air con is working fine then I would argue that a service is unnecessary. However, if the car is on a lease or PCP agreement, you should check that your agreement doesn't demand this maintenance as part of your legal contract. The best way to keep your car's air con healthy is to keep it switched on. The heating system is designed to operate with the AC on 100 per cent of the time. If you switch it off for the winter months or long periods the seals may dry out and result in the refrigerant gas leaking. Switching off the AC for long periods will also increase the risk of the compressor seizing up.
Answered by Dan Powell
Which second hand SUV should I buy?
"I'm looking at a second hand SUV. My choices are Peugeot 3008, Skoda Karoq, Mazda CX-5 or a Nissan X-Trail. Ideally I'd like a petrol for now. Is there a stand out car out of those four and any choice of engine or trim I should look for?"
It really depends on what you're looking for. The Peugeot 3008 is stylish to look at inside and out, the Skoda is a great all rounder, the Mazda is great to drive, and the X-Trail is very roomy inside (as it comes from a size about all the other cars you mention). Generally speaking, they're all practical and don't cost a fortune to run for their size. In terms of which specific trim to go for, the mid-range model tends to offer the best value but the best way to decide is to download all the brochures and compare what you get like-fo-like. Standout features I would recommend are a reversing camera, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and heated seats. You'll find links to our reviews for all the cars, below.
Answered by Russell Campbell
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Buy new from £27,550(list price from £30,935)