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The new Mercedes-Benz GLC will no doubt continue the model's success. Majoring on space, technology and refinement, it also offers supreme efficiency from its long-range plug-in hybrid options. It doesn't stand head-and-shoulders above rivals on the road, though, and there's been quite a price jump over the old model.

+High-tech and well-equipped cabin. Spacious for people and luggage. Long-range petrol and diesel plug-in hybrids

-Quite a bit more expensive than before. Driving experience isn't yet class-leading. Some cheap cabin elements and tech gripes.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC is essentially an SUV version of the C-Class, and that formula certainly delivered success in the previous model. This new car evolves the format, with more technology, space and efficiency adding to its relevance. But is it now a class-leader? Our 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC review aims to find out.

When the first-generation Mercedes-Benz GLC first arrived on the scene the brand's SUV range wasn't terribly hard to work out. You had the smaller GLA crossover, plus the GLE and GLS sitting above it offering more space and luxury.

Things are a bit more confusing in 2023, with the second-gen GLC arriving on the scene. Not only is there the GLB - which is technically smaller than the GLC but muddies the water a bit by having seven seats - but there's also the brand's EQ electric SUVs. Some are related (the EQB is very much an electric GLB), but the new GLC has very little to do with today's EQC SUV.

Keeping up? It'll get even more complicated when a new version of the GLC Coupe arrives, but for now we've just got the regular model. It should continue to be one of Mercedes' most popular cars, offering some of the luxury of the flagship SUVs at a more affordable price point. 

Well, slightly more affordable, because the new Mercedes-Benz GLC is a good deal more expensive in list price terms than the old model. But there's fewer basic trim levels and lower-powered engines to bring that base price down, so it might not be as big a jump for many as it appears on paper. 

With no 'basic' versions even the cheapest GLC looks and feels every inch the premium SUV, with a classy exterior and kit-packed, high-tech cabin. You also get more space than before, meaning more families will be able to live with the GLC and not have to upgrade to something larger. Bear in mind the plug-in hybrid models lose quite a lot of boot space due to the batteries, however. 

Speaking of plug-in hybrids, the GLC's should prove popular thanks to their seriously impressive electric range (up to 80 miles) and amazing on-paper efficiency. Business users will love the low tax costs, while private buyers who can charge at home will find they barely need petrol or diesel power for most journeys. We've not yet driven the pure petrol or diesel models, but expect them to still hold appeal. 

On the road the Mercedes-Benz GLC majors on refinement over fun handling, even if the plug-in hybrid we've driven in the UK so far doesn't blow the competition away in either respect. We'll be keen to see if the lighter, cheaper non-hybrids deliver on that front, but keep reading for our in-depth verdict on the new Mercedes-Benz GLC. 

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"I’ve recently bought a nearly new Mercedes GLC 300e in red. The car will be kept on our driveway and in order to look after the paintwork I am considering buying a car cover. Would this be a wise investment or should I worry about scratches caused by dust trapped inside the cover rubbing against the paintwork in high winds? If they are a good idea is there anything I should be cautious about? "
A car cover is a sensible precaution for the protection of your vehicle's paintwork, but it is important to choose the right cover for your car. You can read our guide to car covers on the Honest John Kit website here: and there are covers available that have a cotton lining to avoid scratching the paintwork. It is also important to consider that the car needs to be clean when using the cover, as trapping dirt and moisture beneath the cover can cause more harm than leaving it exposed to the elements.
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