Mercedes-Benz C-Class (2014 – 2021) Review

Mercedes-Benz C-Class (2014 – 2021) At A Glance


+Much improved interior quality. More refined and better to drive than predecessor. Facelift diesels get new 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engines.

-C220 CDI with automatic gearbox is disappointing. Surprising quality issues with pre-facelift models.

Insurance Groups are between 24–49
On average it achieves 66% of the official MPG figure

The attractive Mercedes-Benz C-Class is arguably even more desirable than rivals including the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Jaguar XE. As well as sleek looks that echo the S-Class, the S-Class is based on a new platform with more interior space than the old model, especially for rear seat passengers.

The C-Class got a totally new layout with a minimalist design dominated by a large one-piece centre console. Not only is it very stylish but it now feels every inch the premium car it should be. Mercedes-Benz likens the cabin as 'akin to the uplifting feeling of being upgraded from economy to business class on an aeroplane' and we certainly can't argue with that.

Where the C-Class really shines is in terms of refinement and comfort; it's incredibly quiet and cossetting on the move, with a superb ride, helped by a new suspension set up. Even AMG Line models with sports suspension and larger alloys are impressively comfortable. At motorway speeds the C-Class is a joy with barely any wind or road noise. It makes it an ideal long distance car.

Not that this comes at the expense of handling. The C-Class has a new steering system which offers much better feel than previously along with more weight. Add this to a new six-speed manual gearbox and the C-Class is a revelation compared to its predecessor helped by good body control and impressive agility.

Finally the C-Class is the premium saloon it's always promised to be and the famous three-pointed star has a car good enough in all departments to rival the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. It's also well equipped as standard with all cars coming with DAB, Artico leather, a reversing camera, collision prevention assist and a media interface.

Real MPG average for a Mercedes-Benz C-Class (2014 – 2021)


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Average performance


Real MPG

16–66 mpg

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What is AdBlue and what does it do?
"I currently have a 2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class diesel and I am waiting delivery of a new B-Class 180d. I prefer Mercedes diesels to Renault petrol engines. Because I only do around 8,000 miles per year what action do I need to take keep the engine in tip-top condition? What is AdBlue and what does it do? Lastly, my current C-Class averages about 50mpg, whereas a petrol model does about 40mpg to 45mpg, so is the diesel better for the environment because it goes further on the same amount of fuel?"
A modern diesel likes regular motorway runs to keep its DPF filter in tip top condition. Our sister website published a guide on DPFs that is worth reading: Find out about AdBlue here: Petrols are considered to be better for the environment because they produce less harmful gases. More info on that, here:
Answered by Russell Campbell
Going Electric
"I have a a VW campervan (diesel) and a Mercedes C-Class C180 (petrol) and I would have expected these to last me for my remaining 10-12 years of driving. I’m looking for options to reduce my carbon footprint and I can’t believe that scrapping these two vehicles and buying electric is the most environmentally sound way of proceeding. Is there any sizeable movement in the market towards developing replacement hybrid or electric motors to avoid the mass scrapping of otherwise useable vehicles?"
I don't think anyone's expecting you to scrap useable vehicles. The 2030 petrol and diesel 'ban' is simply on the sale of new vehicles – you'll still be able to use older petrol and diesel cars beyond that date. That said, there are companies that specialise in the conversion of existing cars (usually classics) into electric vehicles. Take a look at London Electric Cars, for example.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Should I keep my diesel car if my mileage has dropped?
"I own a diesel 2015 BMW 5 Series estate with 51,000 miles - which I love. However, since retiring, my mileage is very low. A pre-owned 5 Series PHEV is frankly too expensive for me now. What would you recommend considering the driving dynamics of the 5? Or should I keep my car?"
It's likely to get problematic as it gets older if you don't take it for regular runs up the motorway. Lots of short journeys could lead to a blocked diesel particulate filter (DPF). A petrol or hybrid model would be a much better choice. A BMW 520i could be a good replacement, or consider a 3 Series if you don't need a car quite so big. We'd also recommend a Mercedes-Benz C- or E-Class, or a Volvo V90.
Answered by Andrew Brady
What used saloon do you suggest I buy?
"I need a car now I'm retired and no longer have a company car. I really don't want to spend much more on a used car than £16,000. My must haves are: an auto, reversing camera, sat nav and ideally three memory settings for the seat positions. Either a saloon with a decent boot space or an SUV. What do you suggest?"
We'd recommend a Mercedes-Benz C-Class ( It's a saloon with a lovely interior, and your budget will get a 2016 model with the specification you're after.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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