Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet (2017 – 2023) Review

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet (2017 – 2023) At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
The classy Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet is all about relaxing, living the good life and soaking up some rays.

+Impressive refinement, solidity and a top quality interior, few compromises over the coupe.

-Rear seats uncomfortable for long journeys, no E63 AMG model.

New prices start from £51,735
Insurance Groups are between 44–48
On average it achieves 72% of the official MPG figure

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet occupies a unique position in the marketplace. Unlike smaller rivals such as the Audi A5 or BMW 4 Series, the E-Class is a genuine four-seat convertible. Although dropping the fabric roof does remove some boot space, this is still a very practical cabriolet. 

Handsome styling, a premium badge and a high-quality interior bursting with the latest technology are all major plus-points, too. Despite its impressive array of engines and the engineering under the skin, however, do not mistake this for a sports car. 

Mercedes-Benz has been on a mission for many years to fill every possible gap in its model range. The result of this is the stylish E-Class Cabriolet, which slots in neatly between the smaller C-Class and extravagant drop-top S-Class.

However, the determination of the German marque to plug every hole leaves the E-Class Cabriolet with no direct competitors.

It manages to be larger than convertible versions of the Audi A5 and BMW 4 Series and, unlike those cars, it can transport four adults in comfort. Curiously, only the closely related E-Class Coupe offers any real competition. 

Forget ideas of convertibles with back seats only for children, because the E-Class Cabriolet has an impressive amount of headroom and legroom in the rear. Front-seat passengers still get the best deal, avoiding the upright shape of the rear bench. Even the boot is a usable size, with the folding fabric roof only mildly affecting cargo space. 

Raising and lowering the soft-top roof is a simple affair, and can be completed in less than 20 seconds. It can also be operated at speeds of up to 31mph, maximising the potential for sunshine. The clever Aircap system keeps draughts to a minimum with the roof down, and the Airscarf vents can blow warm air across your neck (like a scarf) on cooler days. 

Technology is another key part of the E-Class Cabriolet’s appeal. Mercedes-Benz has stuffed the interior with the latest gadgets, with the newest cars even gaining augmented reality for the nav system. A pair of customisable display screens are used for the digital dashboard and multimedia systems, joining together to form one widescreen panel.

The interior itself is inspired by the opulent Mercedes S-Class, looking and feeling reassuringly expensive. All the elements the driver will touch are made from high-quality materials, with metal and leather both common components. LED ambient lighting allows a degree of personalisation, and gives the impression of the dashboard floating above the centre console. 

On the outside, the E-Class Cabriolet also looks the part, with LED headlights and AMG-inspired styling elements delivering a bold look. A broad array of standard safety equipment is as you’d expect from Mercedes-Benz.

Later 2020 models can even detect if the driver still has hold of the steering wheel, and take avoiding action should the risk of a collision arise.

It would be hard to blame E-Class Cabriolet drivers for taking a more hands-off approach, frankly, given the laid-back nature the car exudes. Despite its sporty styling, this is very much a machine for cruising boulevards and looking cool. This even includes the rapid AMG E 53 performance model, which can deliver a serious turn of speed. 

Light steering and a comfortable ride, especially on models with the excellent air suspension, cement the role of the E-Class as a luxury vehicle. The engine range includes powerful petrol and diesel options, but none will make you drive the E-Class like a sports car.

Instead, the emphasis here is firmly on enjoying the journey, and feeling relaxed on arrival. 

Ask Honest John

What's the best four seat convertible with four-wheel drive?

"My daughter's four year lease on a Range Rover Evoque ends in March 2024. She is looking to replace it with a four-seater convertible and doesn't want an EV. Her annual mileage is about 12,000 miles. As she lives in Sheffield, built on seven hills and prone to snow in the winter, four wheel drive would be preferable. What makes and models should she be looking at, and are there any new models due out to be available by Spring 2024?"
There are a very limited number of four-seat convertibles that are also available with four-wheel-drive, so right now her choice is likely between the BMW 4 Series Convertible with xDrive or the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible with 4Matic. If she would rather choose from a wider range of vehicles, an alternative would be to purchase a second set of alloy wheels with winter tyres, which would arguably offer more security in snowy conditions than four-wheel-drive.
Answered by David Ross

I'm buying a new car, do I go for petrol or diesel?

"I'm buying a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible. Do I buy petrol or diesel? Which model do you recommend?"
The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet is a great car. In fact, in my humble opinion, it's one of the best luxury soft-tops on sale: If you cover long distances on a regular basis (15+ miles per journey) then a diesel will be fine. The E 220d is a good all-rounder, with low fuel costs and decent performance. If you want a diesel with a bit of high octane sparkle then go for the six-cylinder diesel, badged 400d. If you plan to use the car for lots of short journeys then avoid diesel as you'll be asking for DPF (diesel particulate filter) problems. The four-cylinder petrol E 300 is a good place to start, but I'm a big fan of the E 400 which is smooth, powerful and capable of hitting 62mph in under six seconds.
Answered by Dan Powell
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