Toyota reduces standard warranty from five years to three

Published 01 June 2021

Toyota has reduced its standard manufacturer warranty from five years and 100,000 miles to three years and 60,000 miles. The move affects all new Toyota and Lexus vehicles sold from today, 1 June. 

Announcing the news at the launch of its Relax warranty service, which provides 12 months/10,000 miles’ cover each time a Toyota or Lexus vehicle is serviced at a main dealer, the Japanese car and van specialist said it was revolutionising its approach to warranty cover in the UK.

The new Relax service-activated warranty can continue until the vehicle reaches 10-years of age or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. All Lexus and Toyota models qualify and the warranty is available for vehicles that have been traded privately or via independent dealers with no prior Toyota or Lexus service history.

The Relax warranty covers the same parts and labour as the three-year manufacturer’s warranty provided on new Toyota and Lexus vehicles and the one-year manufacturer warranty that’s standard with approved used vehicles. It does not include wear and tear items, bodywork, paint, interior trims and maintenance parts. 

Servicing Underside Of Car

A vehicle health check is part of the service package, which includes all mechanical and electronic parts. Any existing defects present at the time of service is excluded from the warranty. All Toyota and Lexus models qualify as long the age and mileage criteria are met, including passenger cars and light commercial vans and pick-ups. 

The protection also applies to all model types — including hybrids, fully electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell cars.

The cover is automatic when the vehicle undergoes a scheduled full or interim service and effective from that date for 12 months or 10,000 miles – whichever is soonest. On vehicles that have service intervals every two years, the cover is for 24 months/20,000 miles.

There are no forms to sign to obtain the warranty cover and the owner does not have to keep or present any policy documents should they need to make a claim. The warranty status of their vehicle is recorded in the details of their vehicle held by the Toyota or Lexus network and is noted on the service invoice raised by the centre.

Toyota Prius 2016

Toyota and Lexus warranty rules from 1 June 2021

New vehicles

Owners with new Toyota or Lexus vehicles will have a three-year/60,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty in place, or — for Toyotas ordered prior to 1 June 2021 — a five-year/100,000-mile warranty. At the final scheduled service prior to the completion of the warranty period, their vehicle will automatically benefit from the Relax 12-month/10,000-mile warranty.

For vehicles with a two-year service schedule, a 24-month/20,000-mile warranty will automatically be activated. The warranty will be renewed at each successive service at an official Toyota or Lexus centre until the 10 years/100,000 miles limit is reached. 

Approved used vehicles

Owners with approved used vehicles purchased from the Toyota or Lexus network will have a 12-month warranty with unlimited mileage, plus one year’s AA roadside assistance cover providing breakdown and recovery services at home or roadside.

At the final scheduled service prior to the end of the warranty, a 12-month/10,000-mile or 24-month/20,000-mile Relax warranty will be automatically provided for their vehicle.

Used vehicles

Owners who bought their car outside the Toyota or Lexus network are eligible for the Relax scheme. If the car is a Toyota less than five years old, its original manufacturer’s warranty will still be in place. Five years from the date of its first registration, it automatically qualifies for the Toyota Relax warranty when serviced at a Toyota centre.

In the case of Lexus models, the manufacturer’s warranty continues to three years from the date of first registration, or 60,000 miles; thereafter it qualifies for a Lexus Relax warranty when serviced at a Lexus centre. 

If you’ve had your Toyota or Lexus serviced outside the official network

Owner’s who’ve previously chosen to have their vehicle serviced outside the Toyota or Lexus network are eligible for the Relax scheme. There is no requirement for a vehicle to have a history of servicing at an official centre in order to qualify for the warranty, it will simply be applied from the date the vehicle is serviced at a Toyota or Lexus centre.

Toyota says if owners are concerned about potentially having to pay for significant repairs when bringing their vehicle to a centre for service for the first time, Toyota’s Drive Now, Pay Later scheme is available to spread the cost.

Owners with an existing service plan

Owners with an existing service plan for their vehicle face no additional costs or changes to the terms of their plan. The Relax warranty will be an additional benefit when they next have their vehicle serviced.

Owners of Toyota or Lexus hybrid vehicles

The Hybrid Health Check forms part of the scheduled servicing. The Relax warranty includes coverage for the hybrid battery and components for up to 10 years/100,000 miles. After this time, owners can still extend the cover for up to 15 years with a stand-alone scheduled Hybrid Health Check.


hissingsid    on 1 June 2021

......and this they call progress!

Heidfirst    on 1 June 2021

for most people (the average annual mileage in the UK pre-Covid was now ~7k) it will be. They get a 10 year warranty rather than 5.

Brit_in_Germany    on 1 June 2021

Only if you are prepared the excessive servicing costs of the main dealer.

Phil of Cilcain    on 20 June 2021

But are they excessive? I known Merc and BMW drivers say Lexus servicing is less expensive than their brands. If that's true it sounds like a good deal.

Toyota's service plan includes: "We'll also make you a promise: if you can find a lower price for a service using genuine parts, we'll match any like-for-like written or emailed quotation within a 10-mile radius of your local participating Toyota dealer.

Honda offer 5 years servicing for £699 which sounds reasonable to me.

Palcouk    on 2 June 2021

Lexus NX service at Lexus, £235, Rav4 serviced none dealer £160

Keith Moat    on 4 June 2021

And do you think the prices will remain the same now they have added a warranty ?
I don't think so somehow. ;o)

gavsmit    on 8 June 2021

Lexus NX service at Lexus, £235, Rav4 serviced none dealer £160

Those are intermittent servicing costs - main services cost a lot more, like the RAV4 costing £340 for its second year service (taken from the Toyota UK website).

Justy    on 3 June 2021

I have found my Toyota dealer to be better value compared to the garage i was using before, they do a lot more for only a little more cash.

Brian Sallows    on 3 June 2021

This doesn't concern me, because I bought an 8-year old iQ , in July 2019. However, looking at how the engine and transmission is shoe-horned into the front of my tiny Toyota, and comparing service costs with non-Toyota places, there isn't much difference, I feel more comfortable with the dealer.

Edited by Brian Sallows on 03/06/2021 at 20:13

Iain Harris    on 3 June 2021

My youngest son and two friends took an old Yaris from London to Mongolia in the Mongol rally some years ago which is 10000 miles on the worst roads imaginable in large part.
The car is still around and Toyota were it seems simply a superb company to deal with.
Most impressive.

Michael Baybutt    on 3 June 2021

A rip-off by any other name .......

aethelwulf    on 3 June 2021

Capitalism at work. get a good name with a seven year warranty and then change it to lock buyers into a ten year money sucking exercise. What a laugh. I have a sixteen year old Mondeo 2L petrol. Warranty was 3 years , I recall, but of course it did not go wrong until year five when spring bust. Simple to fix I did it for £36 from Partco. If only cars were that simple now. We are all suckers really whether you believe it or not. Spend as little as possible on a car as it is worthless in the end ( perhaps not a Ferrari).

Nickmj    on 8 June 2021

You aren't 'locked in', it's your choice whether to use the franchised dealer or an independent. Personally I get such excellent service and value at my local main dealer, plus I have a Toyota hybrid, it's a no brained.

ch3no2    on 4 June 2021

Despite what it says in the press release, this warranty, if you read the T's & C's is NOT equivalent to the new car warranty or even the previous paid for warranty. There are a number of exclusions, such as shock absorbers and incar entertainment which were covered previously, and the wording contains lots of escape clauses for the warranty company to refuse to pay out. With my cynical hat on, I have to ask , how does this work financially for Toyota/Lexus? Normally a warranty is an insurance policy financed by the premiums charged. Where are the premiums here? Is this warranty worth the paper it's written on? It's publicised as free. Nothing is free especially where the motor trade is concerned.

gavsmit    on 7 June 2021

Has anyone else noticed how much the cost of main dealer servicing has rocketed in recent years (just like car prices) and that servicing packages / deals sold with new cars are almost non-existent now (and those left tend to be where you still have to pay something and they only cover 2 years)?

This is a disappointing scam from Toyota to lock you into their servicing prices, and should be subject to competition law scrutiny, especially after reducing the standard warranty by 2 years to encourage uptake of the new scheme to make more money for them.

But what alternatives does someone have for servicing their grossly overpriced car apart from going to the main dealer? My wife and I have had bad experiences with private garages that were even recommended to us, causing the kind of damage further down the line that is not only hugely expensive, but something they can deny doing due to the time period between their incompetent mistake and the car actually going wrong. Then the manufacturer themselves don't want to know and warranty work is out the window despite following all the rules on the private garage using recommended parts etc. (i.e. the incompetent mechanic has caused a problem that he denies and the car maker says caused the problem so the warranty is now invalid).

Customer service is definitely something of the past - remember that when buying an obscenely expensive new car (which includes even an entry-level Yaris these days).

ch3no2    on 21 August 2021

This editorial claims the Relax warranty to cover the same parts and labour as the original new car warranty. It doesn't. Don't take my word for it, have a look at the T's and C's.

keith40    2 days ago

We are 9 months into a lexus 24 month extended warranty we just had our lexus serviced we spoke to the dealer about ending our 24 month warranty and his advice was no do not do this as relax does not cover anywhere near what the extended warranty does. There no breakdown cover , there no mot cover and he said there alot more missing . Its nothing like the manufactures lexus are miss leading people. We got hotel cover travel cover and more bits.
His advice is stick with our 2 for 1 extended warranty. Yes it's cost you but it got better cover then discounted our service because the extended warranty has increased servicing prices. There nothing free in this game.

Now I purchased my rav4 in 2019 it says I have 5 year toyota warranty this has to be honoured.

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