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Easy to drive, spacious and generously equipped, the Skoda Kamiq is a comprehensive small SUV that provides excellent comfort and value. A good choice of petrol and diesel engines means fuel costs should be low too, which makes the Kamiq one of the best crossovers for all-round appeal.

+Spacious and versatile. High level of standard equipment. Easy to drive. Excellent 1.0 TSI engine.

-A mid-spec model with a few options will easily exceed £25,000. Ford Puma is more fun to drive. Rivals offer more boot space.

New prices start from £17,700, brokers can source from £19,710
On average it achieves 79% of the official MPG figure

Skoda has a proven record when it comes to compact but capable SUVs. The Yeti was a big success for Skoda, before it was replaced by the larger Karoq in 2018, but that gap has been plugged with the impressive Kamiq. Admittedly, it's not as plush as the Peugeot 2008 or as good to drive as the Ford Puma, but the Kamiq is still one of the best small SUVs going and we'll reveal why in our Skoda Kamiq review. 

Skoda is a major player in the family car market, thanks to its ability to build cars that are easy to drive, well-equipped, comfortable and supremely practical. Few models demonstrate this process better than the Kamiq. In our view, it's one of the best all-round small SUVs on sale today.

The Skoda Kamiq shares its engines, tech and mechanical platform with the Volkswagen T-Cross and SEAT Arona, but has a slightly longer wheelbase that provides more space for passengers in the rear and a 400-litre boot - the same as the Arona - increasing to 1395 litres once you fold the rear seats.

The Renault Captur and Nissan Juke beat the Kamiq for outright boot space, but the Skoda redeems itself when on refinement and comfort. Wind and road noise levels are suppressed and the ride quality is generally good - even on 18-inch alloy wheels.

That focus on comfort and refinement does have a negative impact on handling, with the Kamiq's overpowered steering and soft pedals providing vague levels of feedback. Skoda offers an optional sport chassis control system to lower the car by 15mm and add adjustable shock absorbers to sharpen the handling, but this is a car that's clearly designed for drivers who value comfort over performance. 

Most buyers will opt for the excellent 1.0 TSI petrol engine, which officially returns up to 52mpg, while those seeking more power can opt for the 1.5 TSI petrol with 150PS. Up until 2021, the Kamiq was also offered with a 1.6 TDI diesel with 115PS. Most engines get a positive shifting six-speed manual gearbox as standard while a seven-speed DSG is available as an optional extra.  

All versions are generously equipped as standard. This means base models get alloy wheels, LED headlights and touchscreen infotainment. A mid-spec version adds a range of Simply Clever features, which include an umbrella in the driver's door and a removable LED torch in the boot. There's also an optional 10.25-inch Virtual Cockpit in place of conventional dials behind the steering wheel, while ambient lighting in copper, red or white gives the Kamiq's cabin a more upmarket feel for a relatively cheap SUV

The only criticism that we can fairly level at the Kamiq is in its styling, which is derivative inside and out. However, while the Kamiq is somewhat anonymous to look at, we think it provides a classy and refined experience that few of its rivals can match.

Ask Honest John

Can you recommend a practical but small SUV that will carry our bowls equipment and dog?
"We are aged 80 and want a hatchback or small SUV with a flat boot that will take our heavy bowls equipment and/or carry our dog. We cover about 6000 miles a year, with a drive of 250 miles three times a year to our daughter on the Pennines. We favour Korean or Japanese manufacturers, although tried a Kona and were disappointed. Not keen on electric and have around £18,000 plus our 2009 Toyota Auris to spend on a nearly new vehicle. What can you recommend for us?"
We'd recommend a Skoda Kamiq. Although it's not made by a Korean or Japanese manufacturer, it's an excellent little SUV that'd be well suited to your requirements. Alternatively, look at a Honda Jazz. It's a very versatile hatchback and your budget will get the latest hybrid model.
Answered by Andrew Brady
What's the best small SUV auto?
"I would be grateful for your up to date guidance on my next car, a small automatic, probably an SUV. I want a new car at a discount, at a price that I hope will not exceed £20k by too much. Apart from a good auto 'box, my basic requirements are park assist (which on my current Ford C-Max works brilliantly), an up to date range of safety and driver aids, plus electric folding door mirrors. A comfortable and quiet ride would be nice., too. I know little about electric cars and am not interested in them. My current front runner is the Ford Puma, which for me is a bit more interesting than other possibilities which include the Skoda Kamiq, Mazda CX30 and Volkswagen T-Cross. What do you recommend?"
Your shortlist is very strong. The Ford Puma is our favourite small SUV – closely rivalled by the likes of the Volkswagen T-Cross and Skoda Kamiq. As an alternative, also take a look at the very comfortable Hyundai Bayon. Discounts on new cars are few and far between at the moment but, if you shop around, you might find a good deal on a pre-registered model.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Can you recommend a car like my Yaris, but with a higher seating position?
"I have a 3-year-old Toyota Yaris Design Hybrid with 10,000 miles. In general terms, the car is perfect; economical, reliable, and comfortable to drive. Unfortunately, I'm waiting for a new hip and I don't see any likelihood in the near future, which means that getting in and out is painful. Can you recommend a car that is very like my Yaris but has a higher driver's seat?"
It's not on sale yet, but it might be worth waiting for the new Toyota Yaris Cross. It's essentially a small crossover version of the excellent new Yaris Hybrid. Alternatively, consider a Skoda Kamiq or, if you want something more like your Yaris, a new Honda Jazz.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Which small cars have a reliable automatic gearbox?
"I bought a one-year-old Honda Jazz for my wife in 2012. It’s proved reliable and practical for her needs. She initially wanted an automatic but we agreed that the gearbox at the time was dreadful so we went for a manual. Now she is interested in getting an automatic. Have honda improved their offering on auto boxes in the Jazz? If not, what similar car would you recommend? Thank you for your help and advice."
Yes, the CVT automatic gearbox in the latest Honda Jazz Hybrid is pretty good and ought to be very reliable. As an alternative, you could consider small crossover SUVs like the Skoda Kamiq or Peugeot 2008 – or conventional small hatchbacks like the Ford Fiesta.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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What does a Skoda Kamiq cost?

Buy new from £19,710(list price from £22,560)