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If you are looking for a sharply-styled small SUV with low fuel costs and a comfortable interior then the Peugeot 2008 will be for you. Cheap to run and good to drive, the 2008 stands out in the highly competitive SUV market.

+Stylish good looks. Excellent 1.2 PureTech petrol engine. Upmarket and comfortable interior.

-Peugeot's i-Cockpit layout won't be for everyone. GT models are popular but pricey. EAT8 automatic gearbox is cumbersome at low speeds.

New prices start from £21,420, brokers can source from £25,033

The 2008 is the face of Peugeot's relaunch as a serious contender in the SUV market. Smartly styled, good to drive and offered with the excellent 1.2 PureTech petrol engine, the 2008 is one of Peugeot's best-selling cars in the UK and a key rival to the Ford Puma. We'll cover everything you need to know in our Peugeot 2008 review. 

The Peugeot 2008 is the SUV version of the 208. This means it shares its engines, mechanical platform and much of its in-car tech with Peugeot's popular small car.

That said, being an SUV, the 2008 is taller, wider and longer than the 208. Most versions measure 4.3 metres in length and 1.8 metres in width, which means the 2008 will fit in most garages. 

The small SUV market is highly competitive and the Peugeot 2008 rivals some impressive machinery, which includes the Nissan Juke, Ford Puma and Renault Captur. For us, the well-equipped and sharp handling Puma is the class leader but the 2008 isn't far behind the Ford when it comes to road handling and value. 

The interior of the 2008 takes a similar approach to the 3008, with lots of soft-touch materials and cutting edge tech that includes Peugeot's fancy 3D i-Cockpit system that combines a small steering wheel with a low-slung digital display, which you'll either love or loathe. 

The 2008 is offered in four trim levels. Most versions are well-equipped as standard; the mid-spec Allure Premium model gets 17-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, a reversing camera and the aforementioned digital dashboard with a 3D instrument display.

If you want the ultimate 2008 then you can get the desirable GT spec which adds a sporty body pack, 10-inch navigation and leather effect seats. 

The 2008 isn't as practical as the Puma with its 'MegaBox' but you do get a 434-litre boot with an adjustable load floor. You also get a load space that measures 1800mm from the boot lip to the back of the front seats when you lower the second row. 

The engine line up includes the 1.2-litre PureTech petrol engine and Peugeot's familiar 1.5-litre BlueHDi diesel. Most buyers opt for the turbocharged petrol; it's one of the best three-cylinder engines out there, blending affordable running costs with punchy performance. You get the choice of a six-speed manual or eight-speed torque converter gearbox on most versions of the PureTech. 

The 2008 is one of the best small SUVs for comfort on 17-inch wheels, with its supple suspension and plush cabin doing a pretty good job of insulating its occupants from harsh road surfaces and outside noise. However, despite its soft set-up, the 2008 is pretty good to drive with its nicely weighted steering and responsive chassis providing genuine involvement on a twisty A road. 

Peugeot's small SUV isn't the cheapest option, with prices in 2022 starting close to £23,000. If you choose a GT model, with a few options, you'll easily exceed £30,000. That said, the 2008 is a likeable and upmarket small SUV that backs up its chic style with lots of substance.

We lived with a 2008 for six months - find out how we got on with it in our Peugeot 2008 long term test. Looking for a second opinion? Why not read heycar's Peugeot 2008 review.

Ask Honest John

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The best way to find out is to download cars' price lists – Googling "Make Model price list PDF" should come up with the goods – and then compare them side-by-side. I'd suggest looking at cars like the Citroen C3 Aircross, Peugeot 2008 and Vauxhall Mokka. I would expect the Vauxhall to be the cheapest option with your desired specification, but it's unlikely to be cheaper than your old car given the current sky-high prices.
Answered by Russell Campbell
What's the best small SUV for older drivers?
"My wife and I are in our late eighties and we are looking for a replacement for our 2015 Seat Leon 1.4 TSI FR. We want a petrol automatic that is easy to get in and out of, easy to park, has comfortable seats, a soft ride and is reasonably high spec. We wonder if a small SUV would fit the bill but are not familiar with any of them. Can you please make some recommendations for us to consider? We are willing to pay up to £20,000 for a second-hand car up to four years old."
I rate the Ford Puma as the best small SUV on sale right now. It's affordable, good to drive and generously equipped as standard. But the ride can get a little firm on large wheels, so avoid the sporty ST-Line models or those on 18-inch alloys: You may also want to consider the latest Peugeot 2008. It's not as rewarding to drive as the Ford but it is very comfortable with a high-quality interior. and supportive seats We tested one for six months and you can read our long term review here:
Answered by Dan Powell
Which Motability car with a TC gearbox should I choose?
"I would like some advice on which Motability car to choose. It must be an automatic (I have owned Suzuki autos for 20 years) and the gearbox must be a conventional TC rather than a jerky alternative."
The Peugeot 2008 is available with an automatic torque converter gearbox: You can also get a TC gearbox with the Citroen C4, C4 Cactus and Mazda CX-3.
Answered by Dan Powell
What are the alternatives to the Hyundai Kona?
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The Ford Puma would be my recommendation. It's a brilliant compact SUV that's well-equipped as standard and good to drive. It also has a huge 456-litre boot - which is 122 litres more than the Kona: If the Puma doesn't suit your needs, I'd suggest the Peugeot 2008 or Volkswagen T-Roc - the latter was rated as one of the UK's best cars in our latest Satisfaction Index:
Answered by Dan Powell
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Buy new from £25,033(list price from £27,885)