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Renault Captur At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
The Renault Captur is perfect if you want a small, comfortable and economical SUV with space that a family can grow into.

+Improved interior with extra practicality, refined petrol engines, excellent value for money.

-Doesn't do anything spectacualry well.

New prices start from £25,690
Insurance Groups are between 7–21

As you'll read in this Renault Captur review, Renault's small SUV is like a bungalow with a loft conversion. Taking its Clio small car as a base, Renault knocks a few walls down, raises the floor and extends the roof to give you more interior space than you get in a Clio, but without the pay off of massive exterior dimensions and the inflated running cost that come with them.

Sharing a platform with the new Clio and Nissan Juke, the Renault Captur's dimensions sit at 4227mm long, 1797mm wide and 1576mm tall. That makes it an alternative to the Skoda Kamiq, Ford Puma and Peugeot 2008.

It takes a lot to stand out in this crowded small SUV segment, but the Captur offers cheerful looks and a feel-good interior that mean its still one of the better options.

Practicality has been a focus for the Captur's designers. It's slightly longer, wider and taller than its predecessor, giving it more interior space. Front-seat passengers won't feel cramped at all, and in the rear a sliding bench allows you to prioritise boot or passenger space. It's a handy feature that means you'll have no issues getting tall adults in the back but equally can slide the rear seats forward to free up boot space when needed.

Renault has also gone liberal with smaller storage space. We say 'small', the bin between the front seats is actually pretty big and so are the pockets in all four doors.

But we know Renault can do practical – this is the firm that brought as the Espace after all, the world's first people carrier – how about interior quality?

Well – take a seat – it's great, you get soft-touch plastics all over the place upfront and neat touches like knurled stalk caps. Naturally, the further up the range you go, the nicer it gets – R S Line models get Alcantara-look upholstery and splashes of aluminium trim. 

The infotainment is also pretty decent. All models get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – so you can mirror your phone's display and use its apps on the car's big screen – while top-of-the-range cars swap the standard standard seven-inch screen for a portrait-style 9.3-inch effort. It looks like someone has erected a tombstone on your dashboard top but, hey, it's easy to use making so putting this morbid comparison to one side isn't difficult. 

Link your phone to the infotainment screen, get on the move and you'll find there's very little to whinge about. The Renault's upright driving position and light controls make it easy to drive, but the weighty steering means it doesn't feel flighty at speed. It's not as direct as a Ford Puma, but then it is more comfortable. Swings and roundabouts, really. 

You'll find the Renault has an engine for everyone, too. You can choose from petrol, and plug-in hybrid petrol models but the 140PS TCe petrol does everything you need – it's plenty quick, has enough grunt for shifting the car when it's loaded and will return more than 40mpg all day long. We'd stick with the standard six-speed manual gearbox that's smooth action makes the seven-speed dual-clutch seem surplus to requirements. 

The Captur scores highly in the value-for-money stakes. Even entry-level models get full LED headlights and cruise control, auto lights and wipers, climate control, keyless entry and wireless phone charging. Prices range from £22,000 for a 90PS TCe Evolution model to nearly £33,000 for a R S Line 160PS PHEV. 

So, if you need more space for the family, forgo the umming and ahing that preceded the loft conversion and grab yourself the keys to a Renault Captur – it's the ideal choice for a growing family. 

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