Volkswagen ID.Buzz Review 2024

Volkswagen ID.Buzz At A Glance

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The Volkswagen ID.Buzz is the reborn retro icon everyone's been waiting for, just modernised for the electric age. With a car-like driving experience, a bright and airy cabin, plenty of tech and a decent electric range it'll hold broad appeal, although it's only a five-seater for now.

+The most stylish electric van around. Refined and composed driving experience. Fastest charging VW electric vehicle.

-Not yet available with more than five seats. Premium pricing of passenger version. Frustrating climate control buttons.

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz is the first electric van/MPV that appeals to the heart as well as the head. Its funky styling and bold colour options mean it'll stand out, and the cabin is the most impressive yet from VW's electric sub-brand. But what is it like to drive and live with? Read on for our full Volkswagen ID.Buzz review.

Volkswagen calls the ID.Buzz its "most emotional electric car yet". That doesn't mean it'll cry on command, it means it's been designed from the start to be brimming with character and desirability. 

It's also a firm nod to a core part of VW's history. The world-famous Type 2 was more than a simple van with an air-cooled engine, it became a lifestyle for many. Whether you're a hippy keen to relive the Swinging Sixties, a camping enthusiast or just after a simple, stylish classic with room for the family, you'll understand that car's global appeal. 

The ID.Buzz is Volkswagen's attempt to revive that spirit. At least it will do in 2024, when more variants are offered. For now you get one battery (77kWh usable) and electric motor (204PS, powering the rear wheels), either a passenger version or ID.Buzz Cargo van and (puzzlingly) only five seats in the former. 

Following that will be a longer wheelbase version, variants with a bigger 111kWh battery and the choice of up to eight seats. We'd happily stick a tenner on there being a campervan version, plus loads of different lifestyle options for active types. 

The 77kWh battery gives a range of up to 258 miles officially, which is well beyond what cheaper electric vans such as the Citroen e-Berlingo are offering. Performance is peppy rather than Tesla-rivalling, but it's plenty quick enough for most needs. 

We're really impressed with how car-like the Volkswagen ID.Buzz is to drive. It's little surprise given it's based on the same MEB underpinnings as the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5, but if anything the Buzz is even more enjoyable thanks to superb visibility, a raised driving position and a proper wheel-at-each-corner stance. It's comfortable, too - surprisingly so, as heavy electric cars usually struggle when you hit a pothole.

The Buzz's cabin is also the most successful of the ID range, with a bold mix of colours and a special feel on high-end versions. Quality seems good, there's plenty of tech and there's space for five adults and everything they could possibly pack in the boot. 

No it isn't cheap, and yes it's a shame we have to wait for more seats and versions. But on first impressions the VW ID.Buzz is both charming and competent.

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