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Traffic lights that tell drivers what speed they need to travel at in order to reach the next set of lights when they're green are to be trialled in the UK. The lights aim to cut down on stop-start congestion and, in doing so, reduce vehicle emissions. They will be tested using a simulation model of the A59 in York.
Average cost of repairing a damaged car now stands at £1770, with autonomous tech blamed for a 33 per cent over the past four years.
Mark looks at the rear-engined Forfour, a city car that might be too clever for its own good
Prices for the basic Passion Fortwo start at £11,125, rising to £17,295 for the priciest Forfour Brabus Sport Premium Plus.
Smart Fortwo Cabrio will be available in three models and cost a little over £13,000 when it reaches UK showrooms in early 2016.

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What small electric car do you recommend for me and my wife? We only do 1000 miles per year.
Smart provides a range figure of 99 miles for its Smart EQ. In the two weeks we have had ours, we have never had an indicated range of more than 72 miles...
What cars would you recommend as possible future classics? They must be automatic and reasonable to maintain.
What do you think is the best automatic city car?
Is a Smart Roadster Brabus a future classic?
Which cars are cheapest to insure for a reformed drink driver?

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