Fiat Grande Panda 2024: Prices, specs and release date

  • New Fiat Grande Panda revives the famous Fiat Panda name
  • Practical small car dimensions with a five-seat interior
  • Available both with petrol engines and as an EV
  • Full reveal this summer with prices likely to start from under £18,000

The new Fiat Grande Panda sees the famous Fiat small car name reinvented as a small car that's available as both a hybrid and an electric car.

The new Fiat Grande Panda is not as compact as the original, which measures less than 3.4 metres long, nor the current Fiat Panda city car, which is around 3.6 metres long. But the new Fiat Grande Panda is still (just) less than four metres long, meaning it undercuts the average small car.

The new Fiat Grande Panda will also have a full five-seat interior and promises a decent boot.

The new Fiat Grande Panda will be available both as a petrol-powered hybrid and a full electric car. It shares its underpinnings with the new Citroen C3 and e-C3, while the upcoming new Vauxhall Frontera will also use this platform.

The new Fiat Grande Panda will sit above the affordable new Dacia Spring electric car, and take on other popular small cars such as the Toyota Yaris, the new Suzuki Swift and the practical Honda Jazz.

New Fiat Grande Panda prices are likely to start from under £18,000 for the hybrid model, while the new Fiat Grande Panda electric could be priced from around £22,000.

2024 Fiat Grande Panda styling and interior

The new Fiat Grande Panda has a fresh and lively look, that pays tribute to the architectural design of the original. The boxy, wedge-shaped style nevertheless includes plenty of profile lines and details that give it a modern and detailed appearance.

At the front, it has a square-edged ethos, including pixel lights that blend into a gloss black upper grille. Apparently, the cube-shaped headlights reference the windows at the famous Fiat Lingotto factory in Italy.

The daytime running lights double up as indicators, with some of the cubes appearing in a chessboard-style pattern.

The new Fiat Grande Panda has SUV overtones, including a giant skid plate and rugged wheelarch extensions. There are roof rails too and a distinctive roof spoiler, all in contrast black plastic.

You might miss it at first, but the new Fiat Grande Panda has ‘PANDA’ lettering stamped into the lower door sides. ‘Fiat’ lettering in the blocky bootlid and a retro ‘Panda’ logo also feature.

As in the latest Fiat tradition, the new Fiat Grande Panda will be offered in an ultra-bright range of colours, including the eye-popping metallic yellow seen here.

Even the wheels of the new Fiat Grande Panda continue the retro 1980s refences, with these 17-inch diamond-cut wheels having an X-style design.

The interior of the new Fiat Grande Panda has yet to be revealed, but the company is promising a contemporary and practical approach, similar to the famous original Fiat Panda.

2024 Fiat Grande Panda engines, electric motor and battery

The new Fiat Grande Panda, in using the Stellantis Smart Car architecture, will have a similar mechanical make-up to the new Citroen C3 and e-C3.

Petrol models will use a 1.2-litre PureTech three-cylinder turbo petrol engine. Expect an entry-level version with a manual gearbox and a hybrid alternative with an automatic gearbox. This version should return over 60mpg.

There will also be a new Fiat Grande Panda electric. This will share the 44kWh battery of the Citroen e-C3, delivering a range of around 200 miles.

It is likely an additional battery, with a smaller capacity, will be offered, helping deliver a lower on-the-road price. This is an approach also taken with the Fiat 500e.

Further details about the new Fiat Grande Panda’s engines, electric motor and battery will be revealed nearer to launch.

Are there any other cars similar to the new Fiat Grande Panda?

The new Fiat Grande Panda is based on the Stellantis Group’s Smart Car architecture. This is also used by the new Citroen C3 and e-C3, the upcoming new Vauxhall Frontera, and several other new models on the horizon.

When was the original Fiat Panda launched?

The original Fiat Panda, a design icon, was launched in 1980. It had a long live and wasn’t actually phased out until 2003. An all-new Fiat Panda was also introduced in 2003, and the current third-generation Fiat Panda arrived in 2011.

Will there be any other new Fiat cars coming soon?

Following the launch of the new Fiat Grande Panda, the company says it will launch another new vehicle every year until 2027.