Dacia Spring 2024: Prices, specs and release date

  • New Dacia Spring launches as Britain’s cheapest electric car
  • Five-door, four-seat model is similar in size to a Toyota Aygo X
  • 26.8kWh battery gives a 137-mile range
  • Arrives here in summer 2024 with prices from £14,995

The new Dacia Spring is now on sale in the UK and has become Britain’s most affordable new electric car with prices from just £14,995.

Already on sale in Europe, the launch of the right-hand drive new Dacia Spring in the UK coincides with a comprehensive mid-life facelift, with bolder styling and an all-new interior.

The new Dacia Spring is set to provide a stern challenge to another electric city car, the Fiat 500 Electric. This is no longer as affordable as it once was though, with prices now starting from a heady £28,000. 

Other rivals to the new Dacia Spring include the Vauxhall Corsa Electric, the Peugeot e-208 and Renault Zoe. The new Citroen e-C3 is aiming to be a more affordable new electric car too. 

The Citroen Ami is even more affordable, although this is classed as a quadricycle, not a car, with a top speed limited to 31mph. The new Dacia Spring can go more than twice as fast – and more than three times as far between charges…

2024 Dacia Spring prices and release date

The new Dacia Spring is set to shake up the UK's electric car market thanks to prices from just £14,995. This is for the Dacia Spring Expression 45PS version – and, far from being stripped-out and basic, even this still includes air con, electric windows and rear parking sensors. 

The new Dacia Spring Expression with a more powerful 65PS motor is £15,995. Even the top-spec new Dacia Spring Extreme, which has a touchscreen infotainment system featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, is only £16,995. 

The new Dacia Spring is a familiar sight in Europe, with more than 120,000 sold in just three years. It arrives in the UK this summer.

2024 Dacia Spring styling, interior and technology

The new Dacia Spring has been facelifted as part of its UK right-hand drive launch. The exterior look builds on the SUV style of today’s car, enhancing its raised ride height and bulging wheelarches with extensive revisions – only the roof is unchanged.

The new Dacia Spring has ultra-modern details such as Y-shaped LED daytime running lights and a gloss black grille featuring the new Dacia logo. The same black band look frames the rear lights too, giving the new Dacia Spring an assertive stance. All new Dacia Spring have steel wheels with stylish wheel covers, modelled to make them look like alloy wheels.

The new Dacia Spring is a five-door car, similar in size to the Toyota Aygo X. It measures 3.7 metres long, 1.77 metres wide and around 1.5 metres tall. It is a four-seater and has a surprisingly spacious 308-litre boot – that’s similar in size to a Volkswagen Polo.

The new Dacia Spring also has a 35-litre compartment under the bonnet. This ‘frunk’ is ideal for storing the charging cables, as the chargepoint is in the front grille.

Inside, the new Dacia Spring has an all-new interior that is much more appealing. It has a modern SUV-style look, with higher-quality materials and a broader colour palette. We love the bronze details of top-spec Extreme models, and the central decorative element is colour-coded to model variant – red on Expression and green on Extreme.

The new Dacia Spring has a freestanding 10.0-inch centre screen on range-topping Extreme models. This has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The more affordable Expression has the Dacia Media Control system, which uses an app to pair up with smartphones. All models have a 7.0-inch digital driver display.

The new Dacia Spring has standard air con across the range. There a choice of six exterior paint colours, including the new Brick Red pictured here, plus stylish Beige Safari already seen on the new Dacia Duster. 

2024 Dacia Spring electric motor, performance and range

The new Dacia Spring offers the choice of 45PS or 65PS electric motors. Performance is reasonable, with the 65PS version giving 0-62mph performance in 13.7 seconds, although the top speed is limited to 78mph.

The new Dacia Spring has a 26.8kWh battery. This gives an official WLTP electric range of 137 miles. Most new Dacia Spring owners mainly use their cars in the city: here, the official range stretches to almost 190 miles.

The new Dacia Spring now has a 'B' mode on the gear selector. Engaging this activates the new regenerative braking function, which can help recharge the battery on the move. 

The new Dacia Spring has a DC rapid charge rate of 30kW. This will take the range from 20% to 80% in 45 minutes. The charge port is in the nose, behind the Dacia logo.

New Dacia Spring customers tend to charge a couple of times a week, statistics show. An electric car range of under 150 miles is not an issue for them as the car is mainly used as a city car. Stats from the current Dacia Spring show owners cover an average of 23 miles a day. 

Some Dacia bosses even say this battery of the new Dacia Spring is too large, pushing up the price unnecessarily and it could easily be half the size without affecting everyday practicality…

The new Dacia Spring’s kerbweight of 984kg is very light indeed by electric car standards, because of that right-sized 26.8kWh battery. This will aid handling, making it feel more nimble and responsive in town. The battery is mounted in the floor, giving a low centre of gravity, which should aid stability.

The new Dacia Spring has an exceptionally compact 4.8-metre turning circle. The new 2024 version adds extra safety assist tech too, including lane departure warning, speed limit warning and driver distraction warning. There is also a 'My Safety' button for those who want to disable some of the more intrusive safety assist tech. 

Why have we had to wait for the new Dacia Spring?

The new Dacia Spring went on sale in Europe in 2021 – but as it was initially only offered in left-hand drive, the UK was left out. The mid-life facelift has given Dacia the change to re-engineer it for right-hand drive.

How safe is the new Dacia Spring?

The new Dacia Spring’s Euro NCAP safety score is slightly worrying: it scored just one star when tested in 2021. The 2024 facelift could potentially see updates to improve this. 

Has the new Dacia Spring won any awards?

The Dacia Spring has proven popular with reviewers and was named the AUTOBEST Best Buy Car of Europe 2022.