Volvo EX30 Review 2024

Volvo EX30 At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
The all-electric Volvo EX30 looks good, drives very nicely and there’s plenty of innovation. The pricing is also attractive, particularly when put up against rivals that offer similar specification, but lack the same charm.

+Minimalist interior is very comfortable, well priced, refined on the move with rapid pace.

-Some compromises on space and quality of finish, cramped in the back.

The electric Volvo EX30 is the Swedish firm’s smallest car to date and the small electric SUV is designed with suburban dwellers firmly in mind thanks to its slender lines. Does it have what it takes to rival the likes of the Volkswagen ID.3? Read on for our full Volvo EX30 review.

Get up close to the Volvo EX30 and it reveals itself to be much more compact than you expect, even though the angular external lines leave you in no doubt of its Scandinavian origins.

Volvo has certainly done what it can to make this the most affordable model it has built to date. While there are some compromises because of this, the Volvo EX30 does make a tempting alternative to the likes of the Volkswagen ID.3 and Cupra Born. It also uses the same platform as the new and ridiculously named Smart#1.

This being a Volvo, the emphasis is on sensible thinking. Although the exterior is what you’d expect, the real surprises come from the interior, which fuses recycled materials and a focus on sustainability with a minimalist vibe.

There is definitely much to like about the Volvo EX30. First of all, there’s the pricing, which is competitive and has the potential to offer Volvo ownership to a lot of people for whom the brand would perhaps have previously been out of reach.

You also get the benefit of plenty of innovation. The more time you spend with the Volvo EX30, the more it becomes clear that the designers have worked long and hard to make this little car as smart as it can be.

It’s the little things that really add to the appeal with funky storage areas and handy features such as the ‘Will it fit’ graphic inside the tailgate. It makes this car fun, while being hugely practical at the same time.

Ask Honest John

What plug in hybrid or electric would you recommend?

"I do 30 miles a day to work and back but very little long distance mileage. I have a dog so need reasonable boot space for weekend trips to beach. My current car is a Mercedes C220d. What plug in hybrid or electric would you recommend to suit the above usage?"
An electric car sounds ideal if you can charge at home. We'd recommend a Kia Niro EV or Volvo EX30 - they're two versatile small electric SUVs. Alternatively, the MG 5 EV is an electric estate car that represents excellent value for money and is ideal for carrying dogs.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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