Morris does better than most other car makers in the list, but you do have to remember that it stopped making cars in 1984. Most remaining Morris models are Minors – not very hard to get into, but owners know that and either keep them somewhere safe or ensure nothing is left in the cabin. Classics tend to be better loved than more modern cars and often kept off the road. A thief could steal a Minor quite easily too, but it’d be pretty hard to get away from any pursuing police…

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Crimes involving Morris by type
Offence type Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
Criminal Damage 15
Theft of 11
Theft from 10
Interfering with 2
Total 36

79.3% better than the national average.

Crimes involving Morris by range
Range Criminal Damage Interfering with Other Theft from Theft of All offences
All figures are offences per 10,000 registered vehicles
Minor 11 2 0 9 7 28

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