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Car Crime Census 2013: Top 10 Bangers targeted by criminals

If you’re motoring on a budget then you’ll probably end up with an older car that’s lacking in security equipment. Not only that, but you’ll need to perform a few upgrades to keep up with modern cars – things like aftermarket audio systems and satellite navigation. All of those things combine to make easy targets for opportunists out to make a quick few pounds – so it’s the more important to be careful.

Click through the gallery below to see which older cars are the biggest targets for criminals. The number shown is the overall offence rate per 10,000 vehicles, to keep things comparative. For this top ten we’re looking at overall offences, including criminal damage, thefts and criminals breaking in to take things. We’ve applied a filter so the results shown are for cars of which more than 1000 are registered and on the road.

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Fiat Marea – 374 per 10,000 cars

There aren’t actually that many Mareas around but our data averages the rates for vehicles to a number per 10,000 vehicles to keep things relative and easy to understand. The Marea was never a popular seller in the UK and so it lost value quickly. That doesn’t necessarily explain why the crime rate is so high for the Marea, though it is an older, less secure model that’s easy pickings for an opportunist, especially if things like sat navs are left on display. 


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