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Wiltshire Police

The patch of Wiltshire Police covers a scattering of towns and rural districts.

The county’s biggest hotspots are predominantly found in Swindon, with its two central postcodes – SN1 and SN2 – recording 241 and 171 respective crimes per 10,000 registered vehicles. The rural village of Broad Blunsdon also ranks in the county’s top three places for car crime, with 149 comparative offences, although this is somewhat inflated due to the fact the village has a low number of registered cars.

Theft from a motor vehicle and criminal damage accounts for roughly 90 per cent all offences, with just nine per cent of incidents involving a being stolen.

Wiltshire’s safest area is found to the north of Swindon, in the small village or Purton. The village’s postcode recorded just 15 offences, while nearby Malmesbury also ranked well with 27 incidents taking place per 10,000 cars. 

A lack of detailed data means we are unable to display the crime rates by manufacturer for the Wiltshire Police area.

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Crime map
Crimes by type
Offence type Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
Theft from 60
Criminal Damage 57
Theft of 11
Other 0
Total 128
Crimes by postcode
Postcode District Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
SN1 241
SN2 171
SN26 149
SN3 135
SP1 127
SN8 108
SP2 105
BA15 104
BA14 74
BA13 73
SN25 69
SN12 65
BA12 62
SP4 61
SN14 59
SP5 53
SN9 51
SP7 50
SP9 48
SP3 46
SN15 45
SN4 44
SN13 44
SN11 43
SN10 36
SN6 35
SN16 27
SN5 15

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