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Situated in the south west of England, Dorset is a rural county, with a handful of towns. The largest areas of population include Bournemouth, Dorchester and Weymouth.

The Car Crime Census only received limited data relating to car crime in this region, and there’s no details relating to the crime average or which make of cars were targeted. However, the data we did receive shows a high rate of vehicle crime in Bournemouth.

The postcode BH2, in the centre of Bournemouth, was the worst hit area with 596 crimes per 10,000 registered cars, while BH1 also fared badly with 375 comparable offences. According to our crime map, Bournemouth shows a hive of criminal activity with the town centre and Boscombe being the worst areas.

Pool also shows above average car crime, with the Branksome Park district recording 165 crimes per 10,000 cars.

The safest area of Dorset is found in Sherborne; the small market town recorded just 19 car crimes per 10,000 registered cars. 

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Crime map
Crimes by postcode
Postcode District Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
BH2 596
BH1 375
BH7 230
BH5 220
BH6 219
BH4 187
BH8 177
BH13 165
BH15 164
BH12 159
BH17 159
BH16 156
BH3 150
BH14 143
BH9 131
BH11 115
BH10 97
BH23 85
DT3 83
BH20 83
DT4 76
DT1 73
DT5 68
BH24 59
DT6 58
BH21 57
DT11 54
SP7 50
BH22 49
BH18 46
DT7 41
SP8 39
DT2 38
BH31 32
BH19 32
DT8 30
DT10 27
DT9 19

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