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Suffolk Constabulary

One of the most rural districts to feature in the HonestJohn.co.uk Car Crime Census, Suffolk is predominatly made up of small villages and market towns, with Busy St Edmunds, Ipswich and Lowestoft representing the largest concentration of vehicles.

The average offence rate for Suffolk is above the national average, with 153 crimes per 10,000 registered cars. Ipswich makes up the majority of the region’s car crime, with the town’s IP1 and IP2 postcodes recording 177 and 175 comparative offences each. The third worst postcode in Suffolk is found to the east of Ipswich, with IP10 reporting 159 offences per 10,000 vehicles. But these results come as no surprise as they're town centre locations and will see a large proportion of passing traffic.

Theft from a motor vehicle and criminal damage makes up 88 per cent of all car crimes, while less than 10 per cent of incidents involve a car being stolen.

The small town of Southwold is Suffolk’s safest area for car crime, with just 27 offences reported in 2011-2012. Nearby Halesworth also showed a low rate of vehicle offences, with 31 crimes.

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Crime map
Crimes by type
Offence type Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
Criminal Damage 68
Theft from 67
Theft of 14
Interfering with 4
Total 153
Crimes by postcode
Postcode District Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
IP1 177
IP2 175
IP10 159
CB9 142
IP3 123
IP15 119
IP4 111
IP8 101
IP28 94
IP6 92
IP11 91
IP32 87
CB8 82
IP27 81
CO10 80
CO8 76
IP33 68
NR32 67
IP9 64
IP14 63
NR35 58
IP23 57
IP17 51
IP30 51
IP7 47
NR33 46
NR34 45
IP31 44
IP12 40
IP20 39
IP22 39
IP5 37
IP16 35
IP13 35
IP21 35
IP29 34
IP19 31
IP18 27

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