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Norfolk Constabulary 

Covering more than 5000 square miles, Norfolk spans a huge district that borders Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. The primary city is Norwich, although the county also includes Downham Market, Great Yarmouth, King’s Lynn and Thetford.

Unlike many rural districts in the HonestJohn.co.uk Car Crime Census, Norfolk’s offence rate isn’t influenced by any significant hotspots. In fact, overall crime is extremely low, with 112 offences per 10,000 registered cars.

The biggest crime hotspot in the country is PE35 in Sandringham, with 147 comparable offences. Although this is a somewhat rural area, the postcode is home to the Sandringham Estate, which hosts a number of large events every year. PE35 also has a range of camping and caravanning centres, which again attract a large number of visiting vehicles.

Other areas of crime are in Norwich, with the city’s NR5 and NR3 postcodes recording 141 and 139 crimes per 10,000 cars. The safest place in Norfolk for car crime is Attleborough; the sleepy market town recorded just 10 comparable car crimes in 2011-2012.

According to police data, Mitsubishi, Fiat and Mercedes-Benz are the most targeted vehicles, while Hyundai and Jaguar show the least number of offences.

Criminal damage and theft from a motor vehicle make up 88 per cent of all crime in Norfolk and the region’s constabulary is now making a focused effort to tackle the problem.

Broadland and North Norfolk Policing Commander, Superintendent Stuart Gunn, said: "This is a seasonal crime which we start to see an increase of when the good weather appears and people start parking their cars in rural beauty spots. Victims in these cases are often local so it’s not just tourists who are affected by these kinds of crime."

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Crime map
Crimes by type
Offence type Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
Criminal Damage 58
Theft from 41
Theft of 14
Total 112
Crimes by postcode
Postcode District Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
PE35 147
NR5 141
NR3 139
NR30 130
NR2 125
NR1 104
NR4 85
IP26 84
PE36 63
NR14 61
NR6 60
PE14 59
NR35 58
IP24 58
PE38 55
PE30 53
NR29 52
NR22 48
NR9 46
NR31 43
NR19 43
IP20 39
IP22 39
NR7 36
PE31 36
NR13 36
NR12 35
IP21 35
PE33 32
NR24 32
PE32 32
PE37 31
NR16 30
NR27 29
PE34 26
NR8 25
NR25 24
IP25 24
NR23 23
NR20 22
NR15 22
NR18 22
NR10 22
NR28 19
NR21 17
NR26 13
NR11 12
NR17 10
Crimes by manufacturer
Manufacturer Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
Alfa Romeo 68
Audi 76
BMW 69
Citroen 142
FIAT 163
Ford 104
Honda 88
Hyundai 41
Jaguar 41
Kia 86
Land Rover 121
Lexus 57
Mazda 72
Mercedes-Benz 153
MG 56
Mitsubishi 191
Nissan 89
Peugeot 127
Renault 118
Rover 138
SEAT 100
Skoda 91
Suzuki 130
Toyota 68
Vauxhall 105
Volkswagen 97
Volvo 93
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