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You’re not going to find many Smart models in rural areas, which typically have low crime rates, so you’d expect an above average rate of crimes for Smart models because they tend to sit in urban streets. It’s not the case, though. The crime rate is low across all models of Smart - but it's a fairly young car brand with no poorly secured 80s and early 90s around.

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Crimes involving smart by type
Offence type Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
Theft from 49
Criminal Damage 47
Theft of 17
Interfering with 3
Other 1
Total 111

35.7% better than the national average.

Crimes involving smart by range
Range Criminal Damage Interfering with Other Theft from Theft of All offences
All figures are offences per 10,000 registered vehicles
Roadster-Coupe 9 0 0 19 0 27
fortwo 13 0 0 17 8 36
forfour 16 2 2 14 5 36
City 22 0 0 16 6 41
Roadster 33 0 0 27 7 62

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