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Gwent Police 

Gwent is relatively sparse when it comes to population and registered cars, with the majority of the population limited to Cwmbran, Newport and the surrounding villages.

Gwent’s average crime rate of 310 offences per 10,000 cars is actually one of the highest in England and Wales, but it’s important to consider that this figure is artificially bloated due to a low number of vehicles and a couple of high crime areas.

The worst area for crime is in Tredegar, with its NP22 postcode recording 190 crimes per 10,000 cars. Newport also registered significant of car crime, with its Beachwood Park area experiencing 173 comparable offences. Other areas showing increased criminality included the town centre, with vehicles parked in the area surrounding St Woolos Hospital being particularly vulnerable.

The region’s safest districts are limited to the rural areas, with Usk and Caldicot recording just 43 and 46 respective car crimes per 10,000 registered vehicles.

Overall, criminal damage and theft from a motor vehicle and is split between 36 and 31 per cent of all crimes, while 16 per cent of cars are recorded as stolen.

Gwent Police has recently launched a ‘Capture Cars’ scheme to catch vehicle criminals in the act, as they try to break in, steal items left behind or damage vehicles. The police will park cars fitted with surveillance technology that will record crimes taking place and alert nearby officers. It’s hoped this initiative will assist in capturing criminals and deterring others. 

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Crime map
Crimes by type
Offence type Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
Criminal Damage 110
Theft from 97
Other 53
Theft of 49
Total 310
Crimes by postcode
Postcode District Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
NP22 190
NP24 174
NP19 173
NP20 169
NP13 147
NP23 141
CF81 126
NP18 122
NP12 100
NP7 99
NP4 95
NP10 94
CF83 90
NP11 90
CF82 84
NP44 84
CF46 77
NP25 50
NP16 49
NP26 46
NP15 43

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