Car Crime Census 2013: Cars thieves avoid

Below we’ve run through the top 10 cars thieves avoid – these are cars thieves either don’t want to take or struggle to steal if they do want them. This data only covers cars of which more than 5000 are registered by the DVLA, to keep it relevant to average car owners.

It is worth noting that for these cars to appear in our data at all, some crime of some sort must have been committed involving them, whether it be damage to, theft from or otherwise – cars that criminals have never touched don’t end up in police databases! 

It’s also important to acknowledge that some cars might be stolen by thieves who take keys from the homes of owners. These crimes aren’t necessarily recorded in police databases as car crimes but as burglaries and so don’t appear in our data.

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Peugeot 508 – Zero per 10,000 cars

The 508 is Peugeot’s latest large family car. It’s not a particularly strong seller in the UK, which is perhaps why it features in this list. There were several incidences of theft from 508s, which indicates that thieves can get in, but modern cars are more or less impossible to steal without the key. 


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