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Nottinghamshire Police 

The area that Nottinghamshire Police covers is a real mix of a major conurbation in Nottingham, large towns, such as Bassetlaw, Newark ,Sherwood, Mansfield,  Ashfield and large swathes of countryside.

Nottingham and its suburbs are the big car crime hotspot in the area and as it's a large city, that's to be expected. However, it compares favourably with other areas and even the highest area for crime - NG1 - is under 1000 crimes per 10,000 cars registered. Compare that to South Yorkshire and its biggest crime hotspot - S1 in Sheffield - and you'll see its crime figure is 1492 crimes per 10,000 cars. 

Nottingham's NG1 district is as city centre as it gets with a spread of hotels, restaurants and bars. Unlike many other city centre postcodes, it doesn't include the station. That's in NG2 and much further down the table. NG2 is a much larger postcode area that includes both Nottinham Forest and Notts County football clubs and Trent Bridge cricket ground. It also takes in part of the River Trent.

Elsewhere in Nottinghamshire, S80, which covers a large chunk of Worksop is highest placed after the central Nottingham postcodes, though below the national average of 1228 crimes per 10,000 registered cars.

Nottinghamshire Police has issued specific warnings for Mansfield about vehicle crime, so it's no surprise to see its postcode - NG 18 - among the worst. In January it stated "Police have seen an increase in car crime and are asking motorists to take extra measures to ensure their vehicles are as secure as possible. Since 1 January 2013 police have been called to 29 incidents where cars had been broken into in Mansfield. Items stolen include sat navs, mobile phones, medication and tools. On Thursday 3 January a chainsaw was stolen from a Ford transit van which was parked overnight in Parliament Road. Several days later a sat nav, some CDs and medication was taken from an unlocked Volvo parked in Crowhill Drive."

Elsewhere, rural spots are among the safest, with neighbouring NG13 and NG14 at the bottom of the table. This rural postcodes cover the villages to the east of Nottingham.

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Crime map
Crimes by postcode
Postcode District Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
NG1 916
NG7 649
NG3 232
S80 207
NG18 178
NG6 173
NG8 148
NG2 139
DN11 139
NG5 128
S81 127
NG17 121
NG11 114
NG9 108
DN10 104
DN22 104
NG19 96
NG24 94
NG20 89
NG16 81
NG4 79
NG15 75
NG22 70
NG21 67
NG23 64
NG12 63
NG25 63
NG13 55
NG14 48
Crimes by manufacturer
Manufacturer Offences per 10,000
registered vehicles
Audi 139
BMW 129
Citroen 190
FIAT 249
Ford 173
Honda 121
Hyundai 78
Jaguar 52
Kia 95
Land Rover 141
Mazda 109
Mercedes-Benz 200
MG 75
Mitsubishi 267
Nissan 141
Peugeot 175
Renault 144
Rover 109
SEAT 127
Skoda 131
Suzuki 140
Toyota 133
Vauxhall 161
Volkswagen 123
Volvo 112

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