Cold Snap Predicted This Weekend

One in four motorists know nothing about winter tyres or their advantages, global
tyre manufacturer Goodyear has revealed.

In a bid to prompt change and reduce the number of accidents on UK roads, the
leading tyre brand conducted an independent survey which found 26 per cent of
motorists could not explain the differences between summer and winter tyres.

The OnePoll survey of 4,000 motorists found that almost half of those questioned
believed the common misconception that winter tyres are only needed when it snows.

And 67 per cent admitted they wouldn’t buy winter tyres despite 90 per cent agreeing
that they felt cautious, scared or nervous when driving in the winter months.

Goodyear is calling for much more to be done to raise awareness and ensure drivers
are well-equipped for the inclement weather after concerns that one in five said an
accident they had in the winter could be attributed directly to their tyres.

Marketing director at Goodyear UK, Eddy Geerdink, said: “These results are what we
anticipated but clearly show that more needs to be done to educate consumers about
winter tyres.

“Despite the market more than doubling for winter tyre sales in the UK*, it is
evident that the benefits of winter tyres have not been clearly outlined to all
drivers and there are still many misconceptions.

“In short, winter tyres are suitable for any road conditions below seven degrees
centigrade. Not only do they give motorists peace of mind when driving, but the
safety benefits far out weigh any short term cost implications.

“Over the last few years, British winters have become harsher, taking their toll on
drivers and their vehicles. We want to stress the importance of preparation and ask
motorists to take action and ensure they are ready for winter.”

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Rory2000    on 4 July 2012

For further information and videos giving help and advice on winter tyres have a look here: http://www.performancealloys.c...

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