Best car leasing deals - February 2024

If you're looking for the best value and the cheapest car leasing deals in the UK right now you've come to the right place. We round up the best deals available online.

Car leasing may not be that familiar to UK buyers used to seeing mentions of PCP, but leasing hugely popular in the US, and is becoming more and more popular this side of the Atlantic. 

Leasing a car is essentially a longer term version of your holiday hire car, except rather than giving you flexibility for your two weeks in the sun, a lease agreement is a long-term rental, usually ranging from one to four years.

It's also called Personal Contract Hire - or PCH - which is used interchangeably with leasing. So rather than buying the car over several years, you simply lease it and then hand it back at the end of the contract. 

When you take out the lease deal, you’ll agree to a maximum annual mileage limit and you’ll need to return the car without exceeding this figure. If you do so, you’ll pay a penalty, usually a certain amount per mile on top.

Unlike your holiday rental, it’s worth remembering that a lease deal will most likely will include car tax, but doesn’t usually cover servicing, although package deals are available. It's the same for insurance, too.

At the end of the PCH term, you return the car and it will be inspected. Fair wear and tear for the age of the car is completely acceptable and exactly what this means should be covered when you sign the PCH agreement. However, anything more than this can and will be charged for, and this bill can be considerable.

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Personal Contract Hire Deals - A-Z by Car Maker

Here's a list of leasing deals being offered by carmakers right now. Not all carmakers offer leasing, but if a deal pops up, we'll feature it here.

Alfa Romeo

  • Lease an Alfa Romeo Tonale for £299 per month, an Alfa Romeo Giulia for £329 per month, or an Alfa Romeo Stelvio for £469 per month, all plus initial rentals


  • Audi offers leases through VW Financial Services, including the A4 Saloon from £480 per month, A6 Saloon from £540 and e-tron GT from £1194


  • Citroen has PCH deals including the C3 hatchback from £249 per month, the E-C4 electric from £399, and the C5 X from £428 per month


  • Cupra offers leases through VW Financial Services, including the Formentor SUV from £353 per month and the electric Cupra Born from £408

DS Automobiles

  • All DS models are available for lease, with a DS 3 from £289 per month, a DS 4 from £349 per month, a DS 7 from £429 or a DS 9​ from £899


  • Lease a Fiat 500 Hatchback for £199 a month plus an initial rental of £999, or a Fiat 500e EV for £299 plus £2999 initial rental


  • Ford Mustang Mach-E Select is available at £568 per month on a three-year deal from Ford Personal Contract Hire from Ford Lease


  • Hyundai has PCH deals available on a range of cars, from £189 a month for the i10, £304 for the Bayon and £328 per month for the Kona
  • An electric Hyundai Kona starts at £388 per month, and the Ioniq 5 and 6 EVs start from £454 and £487 respectively


  • Jaguar offers PCH on all of its models, with the E-Pace starting from £645 per month, the F-Pace at £675 and the I-Pace EV at £775. The F-Type starts from £1115


  • The Jeep Avenger is available on PCH from £249 per month, the Jeep Renegade from £299 per month, the Jeep Compass from £349 per month and the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee from £599 per month

Land Rover

  • All Land Rovers are available to lease. A Defender 110 starts at £875 per month, a Discovery at £835, and a Discovery Sport at £655

Range Rover

  • Range Rovers are available to lease, with a Range Rover Evoque starting at £665 per month, a Range Rover Velar from £795, a Range Rover Sport from £1015, and a Range Rover from £1765


  • PCH for a Renault Clio costs from £258, the Renault Captur and Renault Arkana cost from £343, a Renault Megane E-Tech from £445, the Renault Austral from £456, the Renault Scenic from £498, and the Renault Zoe from £578


  • Skoda offers leases through VW Financial Services, including the Octavia from £282 per month, the Fabia from £312 and the Karoq from £347


  • The Subaru Solterra EV is available on PCH from £299, the Crosstrek from £395, the Forester e-Boxer from £475 and Outback from £455 per month


  • Vauxhall offers most of its models with PCH. Prices start at £199 a month for a Vauxhall Corsa, £229 for a Vauxhall Mokka, and £275 for a Vauxhall Astra


  • VW offers leases through VW Financial Services, including the Golf from £287 per month, Tiguan from £321 and T-Roc from £334
  • The electric ID.4 (from £465 per month) and ID.5 (from £504) also include a year's free insurance

Best Car Leasing Deals

Our round-up of the best car leasing deals in the UK we've found online with cheap car leasing deals and the best offers we've found. We update this page every week to make sure we bring you the best deals.

Volkswagen Golf Life 1.5 TSI

£275 a month: 3 year lease 

The Volkswagen Golf remains a classy and refined choice when it comes to choosing family hatchbacks that rival the Vauxhall Astra, Hyundai i30 and more. And while the latest Golf's infotainment is tricky to use, it still excels with comfort and refinement to spare, even in the entry level Life spec we've chosen here.

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Initial Rental Monthly Payments Mileage Per Year Excess Mileage Charge (pence per mile) Deal Available Until
£1649 35 x £275 (£9625) 10,000 8.64p 2nd April 2024


SEAT Ateca 1.0 TSI SE Technology

£305 a month: 3 year lease

SEAT Ateca

Yes, the SEAT Ateca is now a very familiar sight on UK roads, but it remains a cracking family SUV thanks to its combination of space, equipment and surprisingly agile handling. It's currently on offer for lease with the 1.0 litre TSI petrol engine in SE Technology trim - so sat-nav and wireless phone charging are included.

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Initial Rental Monthly Payments Mileage Per Year Excess Mileage Charge (pence per mile) Deal Available Until
£1830 35 x £305 (£10,675) 10,000 6p 2nd April 2024


Citroen C4 PureTech 130 S&S 6-speed manual You!

£339 a month: 4 year lease

Citroen C4

The smart thing about the Citroen C4 isn't just that it looks like nothing else when compared with its rivals, it isn't compromised by its striking design either. So it's well equipped, practical and comfortable, but looks good, too. Our tip: lease a C4 petrol manual from Citroen via the firm's website to get the cheapest deal.

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Initial Rental Monthly Payments Mileage Per Year Excess Mileage Charge (pence per mile) Deal Available Until

47 x £339 (£15,933)

6000 9p 1st April 2024


MINI Three-Door Hatchback Cooper Classic

£285 a month: 4 year lease

MINI Hatchback

There are plenty of reasons why the MINI Hatch is one of the UK's favourite new cars. It has a premium badge, great interior, and a strong range of frugal engines. MINI has lots of flexibility on leases, so we featured the cheapest here for a MINI Three-Door Hatch Cooper Classic with an automatic gearbox.

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Initial Rental Monthly Payments Mileage Per Year Excess Mileage Charge (pence per mile) Deal Available Until
£3000 47 x £284.60 (£13,376.20) 8000 7.5p 2nd April 2024


Nissan Qashqai e-Power N-Connecta

£645 a month: 2 year subscription includes insurance

Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai was one of the very first family SUVs to hit the market, with rivals playing catchup ever since. There's lots more competition around now, but the Qashqai has upped its game too. You can lease one via a Nissan Subscription, including insurance and all maintenance, starting at £645 a month.

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Initial Rental Monthly Payments Mileage Per Year Excess Mileage Charge (pence per mile) Deal Available Until
£0 24 x £645 (£15,480) 9600 25p Ongoing


What's the difference between PCH and PCP?

Although not to be confused with Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), which uses financing to help you buy a car, Personal Contract Hire (PCH) works in a similar way. You pay an initial payment, which is often a multiple of the monthly rental cost up to around 35%.

Monthly payments will then be calculated, depending on the size of the deposit and length of the hire agreement, plus any additional services like maintenance or insurance you may wish to add. At the end of the lease, you give the car back, simple as that - no balloon payment to consider as with a PCP.

If you want the convenience of driving a new car and have no interest in owning it, then PCH makes sense. However, if you’re after a little more flexibility and might want to buy outright, then keep your options open with PCP instead.

Why should I lease a car rather than buying one?

Leasing or hiring a car means that you will be driving a new car that you get to change every two to five years, depending on your deal. That means you’ll always be driving a car that meets your needs and available budget, plus it'll conform to the latest safety standards and meet any environmental restrictions.

Once the deal is over, you’re also free to walk away without having to worry about the car’s depreciation, or finding someone to sell it to. A lease deal also means your costs are fixed each month, allowing you to better plan your finances. 

What happens if I exceed the agreed mileage when I return the car?

When you sign your lease agreement, your monthly payments will be influenced by how many miles you plan to drive while you have that particular car. It’s worth putting some serious thought into this to ensure that you have enough flexibility in your lease deal to drive the miles you need to without incurring excess mileage costs. Likewise, you don't want to overstate the miles you'll do, as this will push up your monthly payments.

Whatever the price for exceeding your mileage is, this figure will be in your lease agreement as a charge per mile, usually around 10p. It’s worth getting in touch with your lease provider if you’re driving more than you thought to mitigate any extra mileage fee.

Can I leave my car lease deal early?

Cancelling a lease is usually possible. However, while circumstances do change unexpectedly and there’s no other option, cancellation is something you should think long and hard about doing this as it’s often expensive.

These deals are not meant to be broken after all, and often any cancellation can only take place once at least half of your lease term is completed. There will usually be some sort of cancellation fee, and you won’t get any money back that you’ve already paid. You are also not permitted to pay off your remaining car lease early, as the lease agreement binds you to making those monthly payments on schedule.