Best Nearly New Car Deals - February 2024

Nearly new cars and pre-registered cars from trusted dealers are a great way to save you money. We pick the best nearly new cars we've found on sale with the biggest discounts available

If you're after a nearly new car then you've come to the right place. Although stocks of new and used cars are still more limited than usual, we've searched high and low to find the best deals on nearly new cars in the UK. 

It's fair to say there's nothing quite like driving off in a brand new car. However, that's not always possible, but going for a nearly new car could well be the next best thing. Yes, you may not be able to choose the colour and exact specification, but you'll benefit by saving a hefty amount of cash compared to the list price of a new car. And as a nearly new car, you still get the majority of the new car warranty.

There's also the fact you can skip any waiting lists. So rather than having to wait several months for your new car, you can get behind the wheel straight away. Nearly new cars tend to have a few hundred miles on the clock, but you'll still get to enjoy that new car experience (and new car smell).

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Elsewhere, we've covered all you need to know about selling or part exchanging your old car. We can also help save money on car insurance and assist you in finding the best value breakdown recovery

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1. 2020 Kia XCeed 1.0T GDi ISG Edition 5dr

Price: £15,999   Saving: £5041

Kia XCeed

The Kia XCeed is a sensible family hatchback dressed in an SUV suit. And the end result works rather well, especially when you add in Kia's traditional strengths of decent equipment, solid build quality and a great warranty for peace of mind. This particular XCeed is a 2020 model that hasn't even cracked 500 miles.

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Available from Model Price OTR Price Saving Mileage
Leslies Motors Kia Cowes 1.0 petrol 120PS six-speed manual


£21,040 £5041 417


2. 2023 Citroen C3 Aircross 1.2 PureTech 110 Shine 5dr

Price: £16,222   Saving £5223

Citroen C3 Aircross

Don't be fooled by the SUV looks of the Citroen C3 Aircross, as it's more of a plastic-clad people carrier. However, that means it features a lounge-like interior with plenty of space, decent equipment levels and this one comes with Citroen's excellent little 1.2 petrol engine, too. And a strong discount, of course.

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Available from Model Price OTR Price Saving Mileage

Stellantis&You Hatfield

1.2-litre 110PS petrol six-speed manual £16,222 £21,445 £5223 656


3. 2022 Dacia Sandero Stepway 1.0 TCe Essential 5dr

Price: £11,913    Saving: £3382

Dacia Sandero Stepway

The Dacia Sandero Stepway takes the regular small family hatchback Sandero on which it's based, and adds plastic-cladded wheelarches, roofbars and a raised ride height that delivers a surprisingly comfortable ride. It's cheap new, but saving a few grand is always welcome.

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Available from Model Price OTR Price Saving Mileage
Dacia Swansea 1.0 petrol 90PS six-speed manual £11,913 £15,295 £3382 818


4. 2023 Renault Captur 1.0 TCE 90 Techno 5dr

Price: £18,517   Saving: £4478

Renault Captur

The Renault Captur is one of Europe's top-selling cars and it's not hard to see why. Although perhaps not the most exciting car to drive, petrol Capturs like this one are refined and cheap to run, while the interior is practical and spacious. The Captur is great value for money, too, made all the better with a discount.

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Available from Model Price OTR Price Saving Mileage
Renault Retail Group Swansea
1.0 petrol 90PS six-speed manual £18,517  £22,995 £4478 74


5. 2023 Volkswagen Taigo 1.0 TSI 110 Life 5dr

Price: £21,450  Saving: £5245

Volkswagen Taigo

The Volkswagen Taigo is the coupe-influenced sibling to the more traditionally SUV-shaped VW T-Cross. And while not quite as practical, interior space is less compromised than you might think. Add in VW's smooth 110PS petrol engine and decent equipment levels, plus a healthy discount, and this Taigo's worth a look.

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Available from Model Price OTR Price Saving Mileage
Vertu Volkswagen Huddersfield 1.0 110PS petrol six-speed manual £21,450 £26,695 £5245 1000


6. 2023 Toyota Aygo X 1.0 VVT-i Pure 5dr

 Price: £12,868  Saving: £3262

Toyota Aygo X

The Toyota Aygo X may feature a slightly contrived SUV-style makeover. However, those plastic-cladded wheelarches will fend off the odd out of control shopping trolley, and the slightly raised ride height makes city driving a doddle. This one's done 1000 miles, but the discount makes it worth a look.

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Available from Model Price OTR Price Saving Mileage
Renault Retail Group Manchester 1.0 72PS petrol five-speed manual £12,868 £16,130 £3262 1000


7. 2023 Audi Q2 30 TFSI Sport 5dr

Price: £23,986   Saving: £5679

Audi Q2

The Audi Q2 is about as close as you can get to a hatchback while still calling your car an SUV. But that's no bad thing, as the Q2's compact dimensions make it easy to drive and park, while it remains practical, thanks to its big boot and user-friendly tech. An additional discount could mean an even better deal is in the offing.

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Available from Model Price OTR Price Saving Mileage
JCT600 Audi Boston 1.0 litre 110PS petrol six-speed manual £23,986 £29,665 £5679 714


8. 2023 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250e AMG Line Premium 4dr Tip Auto

Price: £31,286   Saving: £16,294

Mercedes CLA

The Mercedes CLA is both stylish and reasonably practical, provided you don't transport tall people in the back seats as headroom is trimmed by the curving roofline. The CLA also benefits from a well equipped, upmarket interior, while this one is a fuel-saving plug-in hybrid that can manage a claimed 44 miles on electric power.

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Available from Model Price OTR Price Saving Mileage
Mercedes-Benz of Slough
1.3 petrol-electric hybrid 218PS eight-speed auto £31,286 £47,580 £16,294 477


9. 2023 Audi A4 40 TFSI 204 S Line 4dr S Tronic

Price: £33,000  Saving: £9485

Audi A4

The Audi A4 has been around in its current generation since 2015. However, plenty of tech updates during its life mean it's remained one of the best premium saloon cars you can buy. This mid-spec A4 S Line model is packed with equipment, from climate control to ambient lighting, and comes with a healthy discount. 

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Available from Model Price OTR Price Saving Mileage
Reading Audi 2.0 petrol 204PS seven-speed auto £33,000 £42,485 £9485 919


10. 2023 BMW 420i M Sport 5dr Step Auto

Price: £39,421 Saving: £5634

BMW 4 Series

It's certainly no looker, but once you're behind the wheel of a BMW 4 Series that no longer matters. Even better is that we think this entry level 420i M Sport is the best 4 Series on sale. It's great to drive, has a fantastic interior and feels special in a way that a 3 Series doesn't. A discount helps things, too.

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Available from Model Price OTR Price Saving Mileage
Vertu BMW Sunderland
2.0 petrol 184PS eight-speed auto £39,421 £45,055 £5634 16


What is a nearly new car?

A nearly new car is one that has been registered by a dealer with the DVLA so it has been assigned a registration number. This is different to buying a brand new car where it’s only registered when you buy it.

There are various reasons why a dealer might have a nearly new car for sale. The most common is to boost their sales figures at the end of a month or quarter to meet their target set by the manufacturer, which earns the dealer a bonus. Most dealers know they can easily sell nearly new cars, hence why most nearly new cars are the most popular models and versions. In other words, nearly new cars are the most in demand, so if you see a car advertised that you like the look of, it's best to act quickly to snap up a deal.

There is no age limit on what can be described as a nearly new car, but almost all will be less than a year months old and have less than 1000 miles on the odometer. Some dealers will also describe a nearly-new car as 'pre-reg' an ‘ex-demo’ or ‘delivery miles only’. If it has a V5C logbook, it’s been registered and cannot be advertised or described as new.

Is a nearly new car still essentially a 'new' car?

No is the straight answer. Because it’s been registered by the dealer, the clock has started to tick on the warranty and when the car's first MoT will be due. When you buy a nearly-new car, your name will go down as the second owner on the V5C logbook document, so any subsequent buyer will also know you were not the first registered keeper.

The biggest impact this has for you is when you come to sell, as many buyers prefer a one-owner history on cars up to around four years old. However, you can offset this by paying less for a nearly new car that’s identical in every other way to a brand new one.

Discounts on nearly new cars range from 5% to 30% depending on the make, model and specification. You should also bear in mind that a dealer will be keen to sell a nearly new car as it’s getting older by the day and - as a result - depreciating in value.

Does a nearly new car have a full warranty?

When a car is first registered, its warranty begins to count down to whatever the specified time limit is. If a nearly new car has been sat around on a forecourt for several months, that means you only get the balance of what’s left rather than the full term that comes with a new car.

It’s also worth remembering that some warranty and breakdown packages only apply to the first keeper, so check with the dealer that these benefits will be transferred to you.

When is the best time to buy nearly new cars?

The most likely times to find a dealer with a stock of nearly new cars is March or September when the number plate changes. This is when dealers want to shift the greatest number of cars to earn their sales bonuses, so pre-registering cars is common to boost those figures. Visiting a dealer a few days after the start of these months can yield plenty of nearly new cars going at keen prices.

Dealers also have monthly targets to achieve, so a visit at the beginning of any month may well find several nearly new cars lingering that were registered to meet the previous month’s target.

Another happy hunting time for nearly new bargains is when a particular model is about to be replaced by a new version. Dealers don’t want old generation versions hanging around and taking up space they need for the all-new car, so they’ll be keen to strike a deal on any nearly new cars. If you’re happy with the outgoing model rather than the very latest version, it’s an opportunity to haggle for a very good deal.

One other place to find nearly new cars are some of the larger car supermarkets. If a dealer has ended up with a large number of nearly new cars it needs to sell in a hurry, they sometimes pass them on to car supermarkets to save themselves the hassle.

What should you look for when buying a nearly new car?

As you are not the first keeper of a nearly new car, there are some things to bear in mind. First, make sure the dealer selling the car is the registered owner and not a private individual as this would make it a used car and worth considerably less.

Also, when you buy the car, make sure you have the Section 10 ‘New Keepers’ part of the logbook to prove your ownership until a full registration document is sent to you. The dealer must send the rest to the DVLA.

Second, when insuring a nearly new car, it should be straightforward. However, as the car is not brand new in the eyes of an insurance company, they may not offer a ‘new for old’ replacement in the first 12 months of ownership in the event of the car being written-off. That could mean you being out of pocket and left looking for a used car instead of a new one.

Finally, some finance companies will not offer a loan for a nearly new car as they only deal with brand new models. Others might not give their best deals as they reserve those for new car buyers and your name is not the first in the logbook.

Are nearly new cars and pre-reg cars the same thing?

Yes is the short answer. A nearly new car is a pre-registered car by definition. If you're in the market for a nearly new car, you may also see some cars listed as ex-demo, too. These cars can also be considered nearly new, as they're specified by the dealer to show-off new and desirable features and used for test drives, then sold on. Sometimes ex-demo cars have more miles on the clock, but this can be countered by high specifications.

What are ex-demo cars?

An ex-demo car will often be a very attractive option because they tend to be highly specified. Dealers do this because they want to show off as many possible options to new buyers in one vehicle. That can include higher specification, upgraded infotainment and tech plus plenty of options and option packs. They also tend to come with the most popular engine and transmission because dealers know most people will ask to drive that version.

When a dealer comes to sell an ex-demo car, they can describe it as nearly new but it’s likely to be older and have a higher mileage than most nearly new cars. This is because the dealer will have kept the car for test drives and it may be up to six months old. The upside to this is it should be sold at considerably less than a brand new model and ex-demos are generally kept in a good condition.