BMW X3 (2018) Review

BMW X3 (2018) At A Glance


+Longer wheelbase X3 for 2018. Features a new 2.0 litre petrol engine and a 360PS turbocharged straight six. Massively improved over previous X3.

-UK starting price now £38,800 and all to easy to load it up with extras.

New prices start from £52,865, brokers can source from £35,410
Insurance Group 40
On average it achieves 82% of the official MPG figure

Third-generation BMW X3 combines rugged off-road looks with sporting presence.

New 2.0-litre petrol engine offered alongside the familiar diesel, plus a new performance flagship, the M40i – the first M Performance vehicle in the X3 line-up, emphasising the dynamic appeal of the model.

A whole range of Driver Assistance systems also ensure it is one of the most advanced, as well as safest, cars in its class, with multi-platform connectivity that reaches new levels.

UK arrival 11th November 2017 for 2018 model year at prices from £38,800 OTR.

BMW X3 30d M Sport Road Test

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Real MPG average for a BMW X3 (2018)


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Average performance


Real MPG

16–52 mpg

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Why are my tyres wearing out so quickly?
"I have a BMW X3 M40d purchased November 2019. It's done around 10, 500 miles in that time mostly around town with only a few motorway trips. It's just had its first service and I've been informed that it needs 4 new tyres already! The front ones are just legal and the rear ones aren't. A new set is going to cost around £1000! Shouldn't I be getting more miles from these tyres and what can I do to improve tyre wear, apart from not drive it?"
How long a tyre lasts depends on how it's driven and how your car is stored. Under normal driving conditions, you should get a minimum of 20,000 miles out of front tyres on a front-wheel-drive car. For rear tyres, you can be double that to around 40,000 miles. But not all tyres are the same and they can wear at very different rates. For instance, high-performance tyres will wear more quickly than touring tyres. However, a variety of factors can cause tyres to wear out sooner than expected. Improper inflation pressure and out-of-spec alignment are the two main factors for quick and/or uneven tyre wear - so make sure your alignment is correct and that the pressure is right according to the vehicle handbook. You may also want to change your tyres to some that strike a better balance between handling and fuel economy.
Answered by Georgia Petrie
I'd like something that's fun to drive, good looking and reliable. Any suggestions?
"My 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport will be 3 years old in July, with about 20k miles on the clock. I usually change my car every 3 years when they go out of warranty. Generally, I've been happy with it apart from a couple of minor issues, but I've been very disappointed with the dealer service. My budget is up to £40K and I would prefer a high-riding, comfortable car with good rear load space for my band gear. I would like something with a decent warranty that's fun to drive, good looking and reliable. Any suggestions?"
How about a Volvo XC60? It's a really comfortable alternative to the Discovery Sport. Consider a pre-registered model to make your money go further. A BMW X3 is another strong option, especially as you're after something that's fun to drive. If you're looking at mainstream brands, too, we'd recommend a Volkswagen Tiguan or Skoda Kodiaq. Both are very practical.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Dealer has been unsuccessfully trying to fix an issue for weeks. What if it can't be fixed?
"I purchased a BMW X3 last November at 33,030 miles. Warranty was due to run out on 19 September, but in August a knock started when going over a bump. I reported it and was instructed to take it in and it would all be covered under the warranty. After five weeks and numerous new parts being fitted, the problem is still in existence. I haven’t got my car back and they have given me a courtesy car. The car was purchased from the main dealer and is now at another main dealer. What happens if they cannot solve the problem, please?"
Have they checked the boot catch? If it’s not lining up properly with the lock it will make a knocking noise and will need to be adjusted. If the dealer cannot repair your car they should replace it with a similar model or provide a refund, minus a fair deduction for the usage you've already had. For your legal rights, see:
Answered by Dan Powell
Which SUV is the best for road handling?
"I want to buy a medium size SUV, can you tell me which model is best for handling? "
Probably the BMW X3 or Mazda CX-5. Consider an estate car like a BMW 3 Series if handling's important.
Answered by Andrew Brady

What does a BMW X3 (2018) cost?

Buy new from £35,410 (list price from £41,785)