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The Audi Q5 is an accomplished premium SUV that delivers lots of space and comfort. The bland styling might leave some people a bit cold but the Q5 is one of the best large family cars.

+Even more refined and upmarket than original Q5. Lovely quality interior. Electric tailgate fitted as standard. 2.0 litre petrol plug-in hybrid from May 2019.

-Unadventurous styling. Firm ride quality on 20- and 21-inch wheels. Some of the best tech features cost extra.

New prices start from £44,175, brokers can source from £39,931
Insurance Groups are between 22–46
On average it achieves 80% of the official MPG figure

Easy to drive, spacious and comfortable, the Audi Q5 is an accomplished large SUV. Admittedly, the latest BMW X3 is more rewarding to drive and the Lexus NX better for comfort on a long journey, but if you are in the market for a big and upmarket SUV the Q5 is unlikely to disappoint. 

The original Audi Q5 ruled the roost when it came to luxury SUVs. They were - and still are - everywhere. It managed to make even the Mercedes-Benz GLC look like a rare breed. Exclusive it may not have been, but there was a reason so many people bought one - it was one of the best SUVs going. Plus, of course, it had an Audi badge on the bonnet. Which never does any harm.

Things have changed since that first model arrived though and the Q5 now sits in a very crowded room. A room full of posh SUVs. So what has Audi done to make this one stand out?

Well, it's not exactly knocked itself out when it comes to styling. This Q5 is best described as a 'gentle evolution' of the original. It looks - and feels - a lot like an Audi A4, only taller. Which is a good thing in our opinion. 

It is a smidgen bigger than before, which means more head and legroom, plus the boot is larger and all models come with an electric tailgate. We told you it was posh. 

What Audi has done is improved every aspect of the original Q5. The ride quality is better, there's less engine and road noise on the move plus the interior is a big step up in terms of design with a more upmarket feel. There are plenty of modern touches too, including Audi's impressive virtual cockpit, which replaces the standard dials with a high-resolution screen.

The usual Audi engine suspects are available with the 2.0 TDI and 2.0 TFSI available from launch. As you'd expect, the TDI diesel will prove very popular, thanks to claimed economy of 45mpg. But for performance - and if you don't cover big mileages - the TFSI makes more sense and is the far smoother and more enjoyable engine to drive.

While the Q5 may not be particularly exciting - to look at or to drive - it nonetheless does everything incredibly well. In fact, it's hard to find any faults with a car that feels so well put together and is so comfortable and relaxing to drive. It's also very practical and an ideal family motor. If you want a comfortable and high-quality SUV, look no further.  

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Ask Honest John

Audi Q5 - does the water pump need to be replaced at the same time as the cam belt?
"I own a 2017 Audi Q5 2.0 diesel. As it has an electric water pump, does this need to be replaced when the cam belt is renewed?"
The water pump needs to be replaced at the same time as the cam belt. While the water pump is electronically regulated, the basic principle of the pump remains the same, which means it should be replaced at the same time as the belt and tensioner.
Answered by Dan Powell
Audi Q5 boot will not stay open - what's wrong with it?
"I have a 2017 Audi Q5 and the automatic boot lid will not stay open. Instead, when I press the open button, it starts to close again as soon as it has opened. Can you tell me what's wrong with my car?"
Could be a complex fault with the boot struts or something as simple as a weak signal caused by a worn-out battery in the keyfob. I'd start by replacing the battery to see if that fixes it.
Answered by Dan Powell
What's the best car for legroom?
"We are a very tall family and we need a new car. My husband and I are both over six foot and our kids are very tall, too. My teenage son is six foot four inches! We are going to showrooms at the moment but are struggling to find a car that has enough legroom. We really didn't want a massive car, maybe up to Volvo XC60 size. We loved the Volvo but my son's knees were up against the front seat so it was a no go. Any recommendations of good cars to go and see?"
Have you considered the Skoda Superb? You won't find a car with more rear legroom at the Skoda's starting price of £26,500. Its boot is also massive, especially if you go for the estate model, and it is a very comfortable car to drive, with a decent choice of petrol, diesel and petrol-electric plug-in hybrid engines. It's two centimetres longer than the XC60 but feels less bulky to drive. If you fancy a car that's more of a direct rival to the XC60, take a look at the Audi Q5. It is available with a sliding back seat that means you can prioritise knee room over boot space. Although it doesn't have the endless knee room you get in the Skoda, it's generally very spacious and has a posh cabin, with slick infotainment.
Answered by Russell Campbell
What midsize, petrol SUV should I buy?
"I'm in quandary and require your help! I have a 2009 Lexus GS450h - which I love - but I want an update because the boot is ridiculously small. I feel the need for an SUV as I have had 4x4 in the past and liked the feeling of elevation with loads of space. I don’t really want the largest of the SUVs, but I'm hesitant to buy the smaller options as I was put off either by complaints on reliability (or gearbox in the Lexus) or lack of customer care (Jaguar). My thoughts turn to Audi Q5 or Mercedes GLA - say one to two years old. I don’t want diesel as my journeys are normally up to 50 miles. I want room for my golf clubs and clutter, and there are normally only two adults in the car. I would very much welcome your thoughts and recommendations as always."
First of all, we'd cross the Mercedes-Benz GLA off your shortlist. A new model arrived this year but its predecessor is quite small and, even when it was new, wasn't that great. The Audi Q5 is a better option, or a smaller Q3. We'd recommend looking at the Volvo XC60 – it's a really good mid-size SUV with a superb interior. There's a T8 plug-in hybrid model, too, which sounds like it could suit your needs well (provided you're able to charge a car at home). It's worth considering the Lexus NX, too – its CVT gearbox doesn't appeal to everyone, but it's a very dependable choice.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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What does a Audi Q5 cost?

Buy new from £39,931(list price from £45,975)