Is 7000 miles a year enough to justify a diesel?

I normally do 7000-8000 miles a year, mostly 5-10 miles journeys regularly and 5-6 trips of 150-200 miles in a year. I know people generally say diesel engines are good doing for high mileage but many of the diesel car owners have told me it does not matter as long as you change the engine oil and DPF every year. According to them it was probably true for old diesel engines but the current ones have no such problems?

I am considering Mazda CX-5 2.2 L diesel 2018 model. I would like to know your thoughts on this car. Petrol would cost a lot more to tax in Ireland (Southern) and it's a no no for me, as their tax system is very different. I have also read CX-5 petrol engines are not great.

Asked on 24 April 2024 by

Answered by David Ross
If the majority of your journeys are short and you only undertake longer trips every other month, it is likely that you will experience issues with the DPF on a diesel engine at some point. This kind of journey pattern will not give the car enough time to get up to temperature nor the consistent speed and engine revs required for the DPF to regenerate. As much as annual oil changes will help to a degree, changing the DPF every year would be a very expensive solution. Newer diesels still have DPFs and require the same driving parameters to regenerate.

If a petrol would be too expensive to tax, you may wish to consider a petrol hybrid, which would provide better fuel economy than a pure petrol and should be less expensive to tax.
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