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What are the advantages/disadvantages of diesel over petrol for a ten year old car?
Should i buy a diesel if mostly doing short journeys?
I have a 2016 Transit Custom that is having repeated DPF issues. The garage clean the filter, and reset the code, but within 50 miles the van says the filter is at its limit again. This has happened three...
Is it true I have to keep going on long journeys to clear this sign?
I bought a diesel 5 years ago (non DPF) as I was doing 40 miles a day, just commuting for work, 98% of which was motor way speeds. Plus other personal/general mileage. I have changed job since then and...
I'm looking to buy a Citroen C3 Picasso, it's a 2015 diesel, and I was worried I may not do enough miles in it to keep the DPF healthy. I'll be doing about 8000 miles per year and the majority of driving...
How do diesel hybrids cope with switching on and off, between diesel and battery, if they have a DPF fitted? Even a medium length drive might involve lots of battery power and the diesel never getting...
I have a 2018 Range Rover Evoque 2.0-litre diesel. I do mixed driving and wonder if putting some DPF cleaner would help any possible build up of carbon. I have had no problems to date.
What is your advice on disconnecting a DPF from a diesel car and running it without one?
The diesel particulate filter (DPF) on my BMW 520D G30 is blocked, what should I do?

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