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Can a trickle charger be used with cars that don't have a separate 12-volt battery?
I regularly drive from York to Stirling and all points inbetween for my new job I'm not paid very much so would the Suzuki Ignis mild hybrid do the job?
I have a 2014 Toyota Auris Hybrid. When can I expect to start having expensive repairs such as a replacement battery?
Is there a hybrid car that has a petrol engine and is also a manual?
I do around 25,000 miles per year and am looking for a new vehicle. Much of my mileage is long distance (four trips each weekend of 90 miles) but travel during the week is often short commutes to work...
What is the expected life span of current batteries used in hybrid cars? And what is the cost of a replacement?
I’d like to buy an automatic family car, with a budget of about £10,000. Is it possible to get a hybrid for this budget? I’m also interested in the highest possible safety rating. We’d mainly use the car...
How long is it before diesel cars are banned from towns and cities? I am 75 and need an automatic estate for my next car.
Are Ford intending to produce a Focus hybrid in the near future?
I'm looking at changing my diesel car for a plug-in hybrid or a self-charging hybrid. Could you explain the difference between the two systems and whether one is better than the other? I'm looking at a...

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