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Can a self charging hybrid car be safely left unused for 2 weeks or more? Will it reliably start on return from a holiday.
I'm thinking of buying a fairly new used car. Most of them seem to have mild hybrid engines, but I haven't found information on how long these batteries last and how much they cost to replace. As I understand...
What is the cost to replace a hybrid battery?
I note that this dash cam can be operated by battery, I assume by internal battery alone, can you advise as to how long it will operate by battery, and is the battery included in the cost? I also note...
I am thinking of purchasing a 3 year old Suzuki with mild hybrid but am concerned on the life / replacement cost of the hybrid battery etc. I believe Suzuki give 3 year warranty on new card which can be...
Should you put grease on battery terminals to protect from corrosion?
What charger do I need to replenish my 2021 Fiesta Active X Edition T MHEV flat battery please
Which trickle charger would you recommend for use on an Hyundai I30?
I have a petrol car but do little mileage so need to charge the battery up, especially in winter. I have an outside socket but will be moving to a retirement village with car parking a long way from...
What stop start battery would you recommend for my Skoda Octavis vRS? Prices seem hugely variable, as do warranties. How do I choose?

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