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For an average mileage of 75 mile a day what is the best reliable electric or small hybrid car available?
My Yaris Hybrid can touch 80mpg in summer but drops down to about 60mpg in winter. Any reason for that?
Can the 'Eco-Chip' fuel saving device plugged into the OBD2 socket cause damage to vehicle systems, including PHEVs?
Why did my hybrid show not ready to start?
I currently have a Range Rover to tow my caravan while my wife has a Nissan Leaf as a run-about. I want to replace both with a PHEV 4WD towcar, my caravan is 1500 kg, what would you suggest? Budget is...
How often does the battery in a hybrid car need charging? I'm thinking of a Kia Niro and I do on average about 200 miles a week.
How do I use the engine braking when descending a steep hill in my Honda Jazz Hybrid?
I am large disabled person who drives a Seat Ateca automatic. I want to buy a small economical petrol auto for two of my offsprings to share. It needs to be an auto because they love the ease of driving...
We have a Toyota Yaris Hybrid and the handbook states that if the car is not driven for a lengthy period, the electric battery will gradually discharge. There appears to be no way round this. We will be...
I drive a new Honda Jazz Hybrid and I’ve read that a lot of people drive using B mode up to 45mph for almost one peddle driving. Will this damage the engine or transmission in the long run?