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Most recently answered hybrid questions
You recommend trickle charging on a hybrid during self-isolation. We've got a Kia Niro, but I couldn't find visible battery terminals. Any idea where they are?
When electric vehicles are discussed, one thing I do not see mentioned is whether older drivers should change from manual to electric. Electric vehicles must be automatic or equivalent to an automatic....
I have owned Toyota hybrids for a few years now and have been satisfied with the quality and performance. My wife and I cover about 12,000 miles a year. It's mixed driving (motorway, country roads and...
Having three teenagers, one of whom plays the cello, we are looking for a replacement for our three-year-old Skoda Superb. The low down estate car has not helped my wife’s back problems and so we are looking...
Are there any sound generators to mimic engine sounds on hybrids? I thought they were due to become compulsory this summer and I am frightened by how many pedestrians step out in front of me!
I cover about 7000 miles per year. Can you suggest a hybrid or all-electric replacement for my MINI One?
We are thinking of buying a hybrid car for up to £20,000. Which would you go for and why?
Can you explain the difference between a plug-in hybrid and a self-charging hybrid? What are the relative advantages/disadvantages of the two technologies?
Is buying a hybrid car a wise choice for infrequent use? I do some long trips.
I'm looking for a possible replacement to my current seven-seater Toyota Verso. Are there any hybrids? Fuel efficiency will be really helpful. If it drives well that's an added bonus.

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