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A female relative with arthritis and a mildly disabled son needs a car which will be reliable and have low running costs. As it is only used locally, diesel is out of the question. Must be a hatch or estate...
What would be the best automatic second-hand small car to buy? I am looking to spend about £5000.
My son wants to buy a new Fiat 500; however, our local dealer says they cannot order a car to his spec as Fiat UK is not importing them any longer. Is this true?
What is the best car for my grandson to buy as a first car for around £1000? It must have cheap insurance, be good on fuel and reliable.
I want to purchase a used car. I’m thinking of getting a two-year-old Yaris, as it will have some of its original five-year-warranty remaining. I only cover low mileage and have £10,000 to spend. What...
We have a 2004 Honda CR-V automatic, but my wife (who is in her 80s) is finding the car too big to drive. Can you recommend a smaller auto that will provide lots of comfort and a high seating position?...
My daughter is considering purchasing either a new Kia Rio or a new Honda Jazz, both are petrol automatics. Which do you consider to be the best buy?
I'm buying my first car, new or used I have no preference. I would like a five-door, manual transmission, small run around hatchback. My budget is around £10,000, although I could go higher if needed....
I am looking for a small car for my daily commute, which is about 1200 miles a month. Can you please suggest a suitable care for that for not more than £12,000?
My wife is looking to change her ageing Ford Fiesta for a small city car with higher seating than the Fiesta to aid entry - any ideas please?

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