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Should we see some used Infiniti bargains as we get nearer them pulling out of the UK?
I'm looking at buying a Nissan Qashqai for my father. He wants petrol, as he only does short journeys now. Are Nissan's petrol engines reliable?
We currently have a nine-year-old Range Rover, which we use to tow our caravan. We are selling both, but we would like to replace the car with something that is more eco-friendly and economical to run....
I have run my cars on all-season tyres for years without problems. If I purchase a brand new car, is it possible to specify all season tyres from new? Or must I take delivery with the standard summer...
I’ve been offered a pre-registered Lexus NX Premium + Leather for £33,992. It seems like a good deal, is it?
My son wants to buy a new Fiat 500; however, our local dealer says they cannot order a car to his spec as Fiat UK is not importing them any longer. Is this true?
I drive a Skoda Yeti. The car now needs replacing, and I would like the same basic spec: petrol, 4x4 and manual gearbox. I am struggling to find a suitable model. Any ideas?
I have a Mazda 3 (six years old next Feb.) and am very pleased with it on most counts. I am considering changing it for a higher vehicle for easier and more comfortable access. I am very taken with the...
I have about £20,000 to spend on a new crossover/SUV. What do you suggest I buy?
I currently have a Range Rover Evoque. I'm now looking for a new car of that kind - preferably diesel. Must have large boot, otherwise no particular requirements. What do you recommend?

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