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I have a 2002 Toyota RAV4 with 16-inch wheels. I would like to replace them with 18-inch wheels because I believe they would give me a better ride. Any reason why not to?
I recently purchased a 2005 Mercedes-Benz B-Class and would like to upgrade it. Can the wheels and tyres be upsized safely?
I would like to refurbish the alloy wheels on my 2011 Skoda Yeti. The corrosion on the wheel rim is causing my tyres to lose pressure. Can you tell me how much it would cost?
I've just bought a 2023 Suzuki Vitara 1.4 SZ5 but the dealership won't tell me what size space saver I need. Can you help?
I own a Volkswagen Passat Estate. My local tyre seller has said it is ok to fit 235/55/R17s and replace the existing 215/55/R17. Is he right?
Last week I took my 2013 BMW 328i into my local garage (which is part of a national chain) for an MOT and service. My car failed the MoT because two runflat tyres had some damage that I was unaware of....
What are the pros and cons of all-season tyres?
Why do car manufacturers insist on fitting large wheels and low-profile tyres to their top-of-the-range models? This combination often results in a hard ride and susceptibility to wheel and tyre damage...
I have recently taken delivery of a Lexus NX 450+ Sport with runflat tyres. I cannot find their winter equivalent but have been told (not convincingly) that I can fit non-run flat winter tyres. Is this...
I have a 2018 Focus ST-3 and need new tyres on the front. Can I fit a pair of all-season tyres or do I need to replace all four? Also, can you recommend any all-season tyres for my car?

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