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What would be the best automatic second-hand small car to buy? I am looking to spend about £5000.
I commute at least 80 miles a day but only drive an automatic. My budget is £6500. What is the most economical car in my budget?
What small/medium used car would you recommend? I need an automatic a very maximum budget of £10,000.
Can you recommend a five-door, five-seat automatic that gives 45mpg + and is quite cheap to tax? Small to medium size car. Budget is £7000
I am thinking of buying a 2016/17 Ford Fiesta automatic but am worried about the Powershift gearbox. Did Ford sort out the problems in later models?
I am looking at a low mileage 2017 Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi Powershift. Does it have a torque converter or wet clutch gearbox and how reliable is the gearbox?
While my daughter has been on holiday I have been using her 2012 Ford Fiesta. I’ve not driven it for a while but have noticed this time that the gear change on occasion is rough, particularly on the downshift...
My 2012 BMW 320d ED auto has now covered more than 250,000km of mainly motorway driving. Should the gearbox oil be replaced?
I read the motoring press and see mention of differing types of automatic transmission. But what are the different types and which is best?
I am a fan of the Ford Galaxy - I am currently driving my fourth manual model. However, I am thinking of changing to an automatic as I get older. What are Ford automatics like?

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