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My son is buying a car from a reputable dealer. If my husband pays the deposit on his credit card for section 75 protection and the balance (about £25K) comes from my son's bank account, can my son be...
I've seen a nice Lexus at Hilton Garage near Derby. It's been for sale with them for 5 months... but it's reasonably priced! Should I be concerned?
Bought a two year old Peugeot with two previous owner from a main dealer just a few hundred yards from my house. After I had the car serviced I checked to make sure they had stamped the service book to...
Looking at possibly buying a 2014 BMW 320d with 136,000 for around £6k. Not sure if the mileage is too high?
I think I've purchased a second hand car from a car dealer with a hidden history. I bought it a week ago as one owner with15,000 miles, supplied by the dealer and serviced by them from new. The dealer...
I am looking for recommendations for a car with an automatic gearbox for commuting around town and the occasional long journey. What do you suggest I buy with a budget of £14,000?
I need a used car for £2,000 or less. Can you please tell me which petrol and diesel models have the best reliability within this type of budget?
Can you recommend a car for under £10,000 with a good standard of ride comfort? I am open to buying an older and cheaper model, but it must have good seats and low cabin noise.
I have around £25,000 to spend on a used estate car. I want to replace my old 2010 Volvo XC70 which is dependable but boring. I can't decide between the BMW 530 XDrive, Mercedes-Benz E350, and Audi A6....
Can you recommend a compact car with easy access to replace my Hyundai i30? I need something one size smaller as I'm struggling to get in/out of my existing car. The replacement can be new or used but...

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