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I tend to swap my cars every 12 months, over the last 5 years i have cars that are about 3 yrs old and with low mileage, each car has had the engine management light come on and work has been needed. I...
I'm after a high mileage E-Class Estate (2010-2016). Can you recommend a specific diesel engine that will do 200k as there are a lot to choose from? Also are the diesels chain driven?
Should I be concerned about a high mileage petrol EcoTSI engine? The car I'm looking at appears to be ex fleet, as it covered 90,000 miles in it's first three years, and then a further 20,000 in the next...
I'm looking to buy a used car (<3 years old) that I can use for commuting (70miles 3-4 days pw) and can be used for family trips. My Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost 2016 is nearly at 100k and starting to cost...
Looking at possibly buying a 2014 BMW 320d with 136,000 for around £6k. Not sure if the mileage is too high?
While there has been considerable research on the life of full EV batteries, I wondered if you have any advice on battery life in hybrid cars. I am looking to purchase a used hybrid car, but I wonder if...
I need to replace my car. I do 35k miles a year all over the country, have a wife and two kids and a budget of £8000. I want something as economical and comfortable as possible, I am 6'2" . My current...
I’m thinking of buying a Hyundai Santa Fe diesel, (to tow a caravan) which is 2.5 years old with full service history and 51000 miles. Should I be concerned about the unusually high mileage?
Is an ex-police car a good option as a second hand car? I'm looking at a 2017-plate Mitsubishi Shogun. It's a good price but very high mileage at over 200k miles. Worth a punt or should it be avoided?
I am on a tight budget and am looking for a diesel car which is reliable and economical for under £5,000. My yearly average mileage is around 28,000. What would you recommend?

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